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New Jersey Singles Reviews 4 Tips to Be More Affectionate

Learning how to be more affectionate with your partner means quite a few things. Yes, you are showing your fondness for them, but there are numerous ways to do that. Everything from holding their hand to buying them gifts and even taking the garbage out without being asked can help you become more affectionate in your relationship.

Instead of thinking of it as a way for you to change, think of it as a way to be even more you. If you aren’t touchy-feely, you don’t have to do anything touchy-feely. That’s right, being affectionate in a relationship comes in all different shapes and sizes. If you’re not a cuddly partner, you can still show your love and affection many different ways.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how to be more affectionate with your partner – no PDA required.

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1. Get to know your partner’s love language.

Everyone gives and receives affection in different ways. You may like physical touch, but maybe your partner needs you to be vocal with your feelings. Once you figure out what sort of action means the most to your partner, you can alter your behavior accordingly.

2. Ask them.

If you can’t pick up on what your partner is looking for from you, simply ask them what they want you to do. Your partner will appreciate the effort on your part and will also want to show you affection in ways that you like. Hey, being upfront and honest is the way to go in a romantic relationship. And let’s face it, nobody is a mind-reader.

3. Make small gestures.

Showing affection does not have to be something big. It can be as simple as treating them to their favorite dessert or driving out of the way to get something you know they love.

Affection is more than cuddle time and saying those magical words: “I love you.” Even offering to do the dishes for them after they’ve had a long day at work can be a great way to be affectionate.

4. Say thank you.

And mean it when you say it. This may not seem like a big deal or even a way to show affection, but it really is. Do you remember as a child when your mother would make dinner and no one ever said thank you? We’re pretty sure she followed that up with a frustrated: “No one around here appreciates me,” right? Well, this is the same idea but in a relationship.

Showing someone affection doesn’t just start with you. You have to reciprocate the things they do and make it clear that you appreciate those things they do for you. Something as simple as a thank you can make the difference. Did you partner take out the trash for you? Or maybe they did the dishes? Say thank you, because it truly means a lot.

You see, even if you’re not a touchy-feeling partner, you can still show your love and affection in other ways. Use these everyday tips to start being more affection in your relationship.

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