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New Jersey Singles Reviews 3 Signs He’s into Someone Else

Dating is like a full-time job – there is no question about that. We meet someone we think is nice, we go out on a few dates trying to find out if it could work out or if he’s crazy and a horrible match. And then we either dive right in or bail out before things get complicated.

If we bail, the whole process starts all over again until we find a guy who is right for us – or whom we believe is right for us. But how do we tell if he really is a keeper or if he’s just biding his time until he find his true love? If he’s with us but thinking of someone else all the time, how do we find out sooner so we can cut our losses and move on? How do we save ourselves a little heartache and despair?

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the top three signs he’s got his eyes on someone else.

nj matchmaking site

1. The patterns of communication are different lately.

Way back when you were first dating and getting to know each other, he was constantly texting you or calling you and getting in touch any way he could – he even talked to you when he should’ve been doing work. But now, he’s almost radio silent and only communicates through texts. You’ve gone days without hearing from him. This could be a strong sign that he is seeing another woman, and you are no longer the first option.

2. He doesn’t talk about the future.

Making plans together for the future is a key part of any relationship. You want to know what you’ll be doing for your birthday, if you’ll be going to someone’s house for the holidays, or when you’ll be taking your next trip together. If you find yourself doing all the planning on your own and coming up with fun ides and he always puts them down, there is a chance that the future he is planning doesn’t involve you. If he doesn’t mention weekend plans or holidays trips together, he could be talking to another woman.

3. He’s texting a lot lately.

Nothing quite kills the mood of a romantic afternoon like when someone is texting non-stop. This is a major red flag to keep an eye for. He can barely respond to your text messages, but he’s constantly texting someone else when he’s spending time with you?

The first time it happened, you assumed it was a family/friend/work emergency and asked if everything was okay. Of course, if he replied that everything is good but kept on texting, then he either has really bad manners or he is texting another woman.

So, how many of these signs do you spot with your guy? Is he over the relationship and talking to someone else? If he’s talking to another woman, you know what you need to do. You need to ditch this guy and kick him to the curb.

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