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New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Signs It’s Time to Dump Him

Many times, in relationships, it can be obvious and easy to spot specific reasons why you would want to break up with your partner. Perhaps your boyfriend cheated on you and you just can’t bring yourself to forgive him for it. Maybe your boyfriend has inflicted physical violence upon you or people close to you and you just don’t want to be around him because of that. Maybe he doesn’t respect you and belittles you every chance he gets.

However, the signs that you should break up with someone aren’t always going to be so clear. They aren’t always going to be so obvious. You might be in a relationship that you need to end without even realizing it. And that can be a huge problem because you might be blind to all the ways that this relationship is hurting you. And even worse, the longer you stay in this relationship – this relationship that is eventually going to fail anyways – the more you are depriving yourself of being with the right person.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale signs you need to break up with him and go your separate ways.

nj dating

1. You put your partner’s needs above your own.

It’s always nice to be selfless in your relationship. That’s essential when you are trying to make room in your life for another person in such an intimate way. However, you shouldn’t do it at the expense of your own well-being. You should still make sure that you are taking care of yourself and not putting their wants and needs above your own all the time. A relationship that is based on one person is a relationship that is bound to fail.

2. You don’t feel compelled to fix the problems.

When you are greatly invested in your relationship, then you will want to make sure that all the problems are taken care of. However, if you start to notice that you don’t care to fix the problems in your relationship, it might show that you are okay with it coming to an end. If you no longer care about talking and coming up with a solution to your issues, it likely means you’re over it.

3. You don’t care about him or the relationship anymore.

You don’t really care about the well-being of your boyfriend anymore. You don’t really care much about making life easier or better for him. You don’t care much about the relationship at this point. You might think that it’s okay because you don’t hate the relationship. But you know that indifference can be just as bad.

4. You don’t have meaningful conversations.

You don’t feel compelled to have meaningful conversation with your boyfriend. You don’t feel the need to connect on a deeper level anymore. You aren’t interested in getting to know each other through deep and meaningful conversation and don’t do anything to keep things alive.

5. Your boyfriend doesn’t do anything to make your life better.

You always need to have a partner who pushes you to become better in life. If you don’t have a boyfriend who does that for you, then you need to end this relationship. In a relationship, you always need to be bringing the best out of each other. You should each motivate and encourage each other to become the best you can be, whether it’s in your career or personal life. You want someone who makes you want to be a better person, someone whom you make want to be a better person too.

How many of these five signs do you notice? Is it time to pull the plug on this dying relationship?

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New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Signs You Have a Great Woman

If you are like most men, you aren’t going to be so lucky that you end up with a great girlfriend on the first try. You are bound to have to go through a few trials and tribulations before you actually find the girl with whom you’re meant to settle down and spend the rest of your life with. And then, it’s a matter of convincing her that you’re the man for her. But ultimately, half of the battle lies in being able to figure out if the girl you’re with is the right girl for you.

That’s why it’s so important for you to know what a high-quality lady looks like so you don’t let her slip away when you find her. You never want to take a woman or relationship for granted – most especially not the one that you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s key that you are able to spot out a high-quality lady right away. If you notice the signs listed below, you better make sure you never let her go.

So get ready, as New Jersey Singles reviews the top five signs you found yourself a high-quality woman you never want to let get away.

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1. She inspires you to become a better man.

She actually makes you want to become a better man. Believe it not, that speaks volumes of what type of girl she is when she is able to inspire you to actually be the best version you can be. Her presence and existence are all you need to motivate you to want to be and do better in life.

2. She doesn’t play games.

She doesn’t act shy around you just to keep you hooked. She doesn’t play coy just to play with your mind. She doesn’t resort to childish games like immature women do. She has strong feelings for you, and she isn’t afraid of making them known. She doesn’t play the hot and cold games like other women you’ve dated in the past.

3. She understand that she isn’t the center of the universe.

She is humble enough to know that the world doesn’t revolve around her, and that means she doesn’t have any sense of entitlement. She is always going to work hard to earn your love because she knows that you are deserving of that type of effort. She knows you can’t drop everything in your world for her all the time.

4. She is independent.

She is a strong and independent woman that is capable of taking care of herself. She is the type of girl who isn’t afraid of being alone. You know that she’s in a relationship with you not because she needs you, but because she wants to have you in her life. Your relationship is built on love and choice, not necessity.

5. She is affectionate towards you.

She isn’t shy about showing you her feelings. She isn’t afraid of making herself vulnerable for you because she knows that’s what it takes to make a relationship work. She also wants to do whatever she can to make you trust her. She is open and honest with her emotions and intent in this relationship and doesn’t try to hide anything or play with your feelings.

So tell us, how many of these signs do you see in the woman in your life? Is she the one for you? Or are you still searching for the one?

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