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New Jersey Singles Reviews the Best Places to Meet Single Men After 50

So, where are those high-quality men over 50 hanging out? Where does a woman have to go to meet attractive single men over 50 who are looking for love? Our New Jersey matchmakers know a few places where you can go and meet quality men over 50. Are you ready to meet over 50 singles in New Jersey with ease? Let our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service lead the way!

Let’s start with the very best place to meet over 50 singles in NJ.

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1. Wine Shops

Go to wine shops that offer classes and tasting events. Believe us, and you don’t have to go alone. Just be careful how much wine you drink. You don’t want to drink and drive. Maybe bring a friend along so you have a designated driver.

2. Local Dog Parks

Dog parks are a great place to meet single men over 50. If you don’t have a dog, simply borrow one from a friend. Dog people are very friendly and love talking. Plus, it’s easy to spark a conversation when you’re both in the company of your furry little companions who also want to get to know each other.

3. While Traveling or Using Public Transportation

Look up from your book or cell phone and see who’s around you. You never know, the guy standing next to you on the train or sitting next to you on the bus could be single and looking for love too.

4. Local Restaurants

The next time you go grab lunch alone, take a look to see who’s sitting next to you. The cutie eating alone could be single. Ask him what he’s eating that looks so good. Believe us, he’ll be more than happy to share his burger, steak, or seafood recommendations with you. Guys love talking about things they’re passionate about, so this is a great way to get him chatting.

5. The Grocery Store

The grocery store is a great place to meet single men over 50. Men have to eat right? And unless their mom still cocks for them, they have to go to the grocery store to stock up on food. A bonus: maybe you’ll find one that will eventually cook for you.

6. The Coffee Shop

Strike up a conversation with the guy drinking coffee next to you. Really, it’s that simple. You can even ask him for a coffee recommendation from this cozy little coffee shop.

7. The Hair Salon

Laugh at this one if you want, but men have to get their haircut. Yep, and they have to go to the salon – just like you. The next time you’re getting a hair treatment at the salon, check out who’s there getting a haircut, and don’t be afraid to smile and start a conversation.

8. Fix Stores

Head out to stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s, especially on the weekend, and you will see a lot of single men over 50 looking for tools and supplies. Ask them what the best tool is for a specific project.

9. Upscale Casinos

Casinos are popping up everywhere and are great places to meet single men over 50. Hang out near the roulette table and be his lucky charm. If the casino is attached to a hotel, you can sit at the bar and order a drink. Chat up the cutie drinking a bourbon next to you.

10. Sporting Events

Sporting events are great places to meet single men over 50. Head out to a local game and start smiling at them. Whew, you can just feel the testosterone in those stadiums now!

11. Places with Live Music

Head out to a place that plays live music on the weekend. Music feeds the soul, and men often go to listen to music on the weekend. Go alone or with a friend. This is one of the best places to meet men over 50 in New Jersey.

12. Matchmaking Services

If you want to meet relationship-minded single men over 50 in New Jersey, you can let our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles introduce you to quality men who are looking for true love.

Whatever you do, don’t stress it – just have fun! We’d love to hear your favorite place or story about the men you’ve met through our recommended places. Please, feel free to share your stories with us on our Facebook page.

If you’re single and ready to meet single men over 50 in New Jersey, contact us today. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE matchmaking consultation with New Jersey Singles today!

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New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Dating Mistakes Women Make

Dating can be very difficult. Not only do we get very nervous about going on a first date due to questions such as, “Will he be into me?” and “Does this dress accentuate my features?” ringing through our head, there are also many more things that take place during a date that can be a huge turn off for him (and everyone knows this all too well). Hmm, come to think of it, perhaps you already made a few mistakes. Maybe you’ve been on a few first dates that didn’t turn into seconds and you’re wondering why. Are you guilty of making one of these first date mistakes?

If you want your next first date to turn into a second, then you need to stop making these dating mistakes and date with confidence. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the most common dating mistakes women make on first dates.

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1. Being Too Available

Your first date with a guy is coming up this weekend. He asked you if you wanted to meet him and you, of course, said yes. Then, he asked when you were available, and you said anytime. You told him to name the time and place and you’ll be there. While you might really be free anytime, you don’t want to look so available—so desperate to get together.

Like it or not, men love chasing women. They don’t want a woman who is easy and always available for them. A lot of guys see the wooing stage as a competition, and they actually want to work hard to get a woman. If you tell him you’re available anytime, he has no reason to put in any effort because he already won you over.

2. Showing Up Late

We get it, there’s so much you must do to get dolled up and look your best. But it doesn’t matter how much you must do to get ready, you shouldn’t show up late. Showing up late will ensure you don’t get a second date. The guy waiting for you at the restaurant expects you to be on time. Being late on a first date gives a bad impression and suggests you don’t care or have respect for him. Try your hardest to show up on time, even if it means leaving a few minutes earlier than it takes to get there.

3. Not Asking Any Questions

The guy usually takes the lead on a date, but the problem is some women expect men to do all the work. So the guy will ask all the questions while she doesn’t ask a single one. How do you expect to get to know him if you’re sitting back enjoying your martini and not asking any questions?

Maybe you don’t think you should be asking any questions, or maybe you’re too nervous to ask him anything. It doesn’t matter the case, if you don’t ask any questions, then he’s going to be bored of you or assume you are not into him. Start engaging men in conversation while you’re out on dates.

4. Asking Too Many Questions

On the opposite side of the spectrum, asking too many questions is never good either. No one wants to feel like they’re being interrogated by the police. If it feels like you’re in a police interrogation room with prepared questions, it’s going to irritate him. Toss a few of those questions out there for now and just let the conversation flow as naturally as possible. You never want to come off so strong and robotic.

5. Talking About Your Ex

Even if you only talk about your ex to criticize him, don’t do it. Don’t ever mention anything about your ex, especially things like, “Oh, my ex used to bring me here.” It’s a major turn off and will make him feel uncomfortable. Any talk about your ex, including bashing, gives your date the impression that you’re not over your ex. And the truth is, if you’re still talking about your ex, then you’re not over him.

Ladies, if you want your next first date to be a success, make sure you’re not committing one of these five dating mistakes many women are often guilty of. If you’re struggling in your dating life and not turning first dates into seconds, then you’re probably guilty of a few of these bad dating behaviors.

If you’re single and ready to take your dating life to the next level, contact the best matchmakers in New Jersey and let us give you the dating coaching you need to be successful. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation today.


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New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Celebrate the Holidays with Friends

It’s the wonderful time of year where everyone is dressed in Christmas sweaters, talking about holiday parties, and looking forward to getting a kiss under the mistletoe—except you.

It’s hard to celebrate Christmas when you’re the only single one in the group. In fact, if you get one more invite to a cheery holiday get together, you might just throw your tree right out of the window.  Take a deep breath and calm down.  Today New Jersey Singles reviews tips to feel good about celebrating Christmas with friends when you’re feeling a little like the Grinch.

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1. Limit the Parties

Our matchmakers here at New Jerseys Singles are very sociable and love Christmas parties.  But we understand that single people might not feel that same enthusiasm for those festive holiday parties.  If you’re not looking forward to a packed calendar full of holiday parties, then limit how many you go to.  After all, attending only a handful of events will be much easier on your holiday spirits than going to dozens.

2. Do It for Them

As much as you want to shut yourself up in your bedroom, you won’t be enjoying the holidays if you go that lonely route.  Make it appoint to celebrate the holidays—do it for your friends.  If you have to, don’t look at it as a Christmas gathering but rather an everyday get together.

3. Suggest Something Non-Christmassy

Don’t feel like attending a ridiculous ugly Christmas sweater party full of nothing but happy couples?  Not feeling the whole caroling thing this year?  Then why not suggest something else instead, like bowling?  The less Christmassy the event, the less it will remind you of your single status.

4. Don’t Ruin It for Your Friends

Whatever you do, don’t ruin the holidays for your friends.  Saying things like, “I hate Christmas,” or “Christmas is so commercialized” isn’t going to make anything better for you or them.  They are your friends and they deserve happiness.  We’re sure that if you were in a relationship, then you would be enjoying Christmas too.  Try to put your uneasiness about your single status behind for the holidays so you can celebrate with friends and loved ones.

5. Skip Christmas Unless They Come Around

No one is saying that you have to celebrate Christmas on your own.  Invite your close friends over to spend it with you.  Laugh, drink, and be merry!  And remember that Christmas only lasts a few weeks so we’re confident you will make it through.

6. Focus on Your Friends

Remember what Christmas is all about: spending time with the people you love the most.  Although you might be single, you still have friends who love and care about you.  Just focus on hanging out with them.  Sure, you might not have a kiss under the mistletoe, but you have a group of friends you can celebrate with.

7. Take Some Time for Yourself

We know that the holidays can serve as a brutal reminder of your single status.  After all, the holidays do bring out the couples walking hand-in-hand.  You don’t have to put yourself through the pain of seeing happy couples everywhere you look.  Take some time off for yourself and relax at home.  Decorate your house, soak in a hot bubble bath, and drink some of your favorite holiday drinks.

8. Have an Out Prepared

If the parties and gatherings seem to be a little too much, have an out ready to go.  Say you have an early day at work tomorrow or that you’re feeling under the weather.  Have a valid excuse ready to go when the couples at the parties just become too much for you to handle.  There’s no shame in cutting out early if you’re feeling sad and down.

9. Talk to a Close Friend

Talking about your feelings to a close friend will work wonders for you.  You might not feel like the Grinch after you get it all off your chest.  Plus, your friends are there to help you and cheer you up.  They’re going to listen and lift your spirits any way they can.

10. Find One Thing to Be Excited About

Okay, so you might not be looking forward to Christmas itself and all the happy couples everywhere you turn, but there has to be something you’re excited about, right?  Well, figure it out and focus on that one thing.  It could be watching Home Alone, getting yourself a gift, or taking a week off work.  Focus on that and you’ll do just fine.

We know that the holidays can be brutal for single people.  But don’t worry because you’ll survive it.  Rely on your good friends because they’ll be there to support you.  Focus on the positive things and you’ll quickly get in the Christmas spirit.

If you’re single and dreading the holidays alone, let our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service help you on your search for that special someone.

Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation today.  We’ll handpick dates who are relationship-ready and compatible with you, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy meeting like-minded singles.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews What to Do Before Dating Again

Think you’re ready to get back out there?  Maybe you are, but maybe you’re not.  When getting ready to hit the NJ dating scene, you need to be prepared, just like you would for anything else in life.  It’s important to put your best foot forward and follow these matchmaking secrets from NJ’s #1 dating service.

Get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews some helpful tips and hacks to whip you into dating shape fast!

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1. Feel confident about what you bring to the table.

It might sound a little basic, or even a little cliché, but take it from us that it’s true.  You can’t expect anyone to like you if you don’t like yourself.  Ask yourself a question: would you date yourself?  If the answer is no, then by all means do whatever it takes to turn it around.

Whether it means embarking upon personal growth via self-help books or by booking an appointment with a counselor to fix any underlying problem, you need to make some positive changes in your life so you can attract the right partner.  Our matchmakers want you to create a list of goals and work hard to accomplish them every day.  Be sure to have realistic goals you can achieve because when you achieve your goals, you’ll boost your confidence.

2. Let go of any old flame.

Don’t be afraid because everyone has them.  Your dating history is a part of who you are, and of course your previous partners have left an impression on you.  Naturally, as you and your new love interest get to know each other, you might start sharing a few stories about your ex, and that’s not the problem.  It’s not the stories but rather the energy attached them.

Have you made peace with your past relationships, or are you still carrying the torch?  Have you identified what went wrong in the past?  This is something very important to do before you start dating again.

Also, you need to let go of any anger and bitterness for your exes.

3. Know what you want but have an open mind.

Before getting back into the NJ dating scene, spend some time thinking about what type of partner you want to have this time around.  A clear understanding of what type of partner you’re looking for will help you focus your energy into finding them instead of wasting your time with people who don’t fit that criteria.

Identify your preferences regarding their personality type, lifestyle preferences, and values… put a lot of emphasis on values.  You need to find a partner who shares similar core beliefs and desires as you, but be a little open when it comes their looks and other superficial things.  As long as they have all the qualities you’re looking for, give them a chance.

Before you get ready to jump headfirst into the NJ dating scene, implement these matchmaking secrets and hacks along the way.  We know that you’ll get yourself in tiptop dating shape in no time.

If you’re single and want to meet relationship-minded men and women in New Jersey, contact our matchmakers today and let us make the introductions for you.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 and reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation with one of our passionate matchmakers today!


New Jersey Singles Reviews 6 Dating Tips for Serious Singles

Whether you’re dating for the first time or are reentering the dating scene after a breakup or divorce, everyone struggles a bit when it comes to modern day dating.  What’s more?  There are no magic formulas when it comes to finding that special someone.  And although there isn’t a one-size fits all piece of advice, our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service have some dating secrets we know will put you one step closer to finding the one.

If you are a serious single who wants to find real love, then you’ll definitely want to implement these matchmaking secrets into your dating life.

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1. First Impressions Still Count

As they say: you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  When it comes to dating, you only get one chance to do it right.  Get a trusted friend to give you their honest opinion before heading out on your date.  We know this is easier said than done today, but we have the solution for you.  Simply send them a picture of what yourself all put together and ready for your big date.

One important tip is to make sure that your clothes fit properly.  If you lost weight, make sure you freshen up your wardrobe because fitted clothing is better than loose clothing.  Oh, and don’t forget to use a spritz of perfume or cologne to really pull it all together.

2. Dress to Impress

If you’re going on an evening date, make sure you dress the part.  Guys, make sure you wear slacks, a nice dress shirt, and clean shoes.  Ladies, wear something feminine, something that is not too revealing.  Keep your makeup and jewelry to a minimum so he’s not distracted by any loud or over-the-top pieces.

3. Chivalry Goes a Long Way

One thing is for sure: guys should always open the doors, pull out chairs, and offer your coat.  Believe it or not, being a gentleman will always make you stand out from the crowd.  Ladies, you’re not off the hook here because you can be chivalrous too by always thanking your date at the end of the evening.  On the first date, always offer to pay half of the bill.  And if you had a wonderful evening, make sure you send him a text message to let him know, especially if you’re hoping to get a second one.

4. Keep the Dates Short & Sweet

You should always keep the first date under two hours.  You and your date will have plenty of time to get to know each other without crossing the line of oversharing.  We always suggest for our clients to keep the first date short and sweet and to choose a casual setting, like a coffee shop or a restaurant that’s not too loud or stuffy.  First dates need to take place in a setting that allows conversation to flow, so no bars, clubs, or noisy places.

5. Always Smile & Be Present

This tip is for both sexes.  Smile and have fun.  Be present.  Don’t ramble about your exes.  Don’t ask about theirs.  Put your phone down.  Be authentic and have fun.  See, it really is that simple.

6. Pace Yourself

We live in a society that expects immediate gratification, but if you have that approach in your dating life, you’re going to be disappointed.  Our advice as matchmakers is to pace yourself and take time getting to know each other.  The guy or gal you’re meant to be with will be well worth the wait.

Are you one of the many serious singles in New Jersey who is struggling to find love on your own?  Could your dating life benefit from expert help from one of our dedicated matchmakers?  If you want to meet relationship-minded singles in NJ, contact our matchmakers today and let us do the hard part of dating for you.  Call to request your FREE no-obligation matchmaking consultation with New Jersey’s best matchmakers today!