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New Jersey Singles Reviews the Signs He’s Afraid to Commit

There is no doubt about it, relationships can be very difficult.  It’s difficult to go on many bad dates where you know in just a few minutes that you’re not compatible.  It is very difficult to merge your life with someone else’s after you’ve been single for so long.  And even when you’re in a successful relationship, you still have to put in a lot of time and dedication.  Relationships are wonderful but require a lot of efforts, and for some men, it’s just too much.

Sure, they want to settle down with a wonderful woman, and perhaps they do want to find love but aren’t quite committed.  However, for the most part, commitment scares many men away.  As the top matchmakers in New Jersey, we know there are many men in the dating scene who are afraid of commitment, no matter how much they care for a woman.

If you are seeing a great man who doesn’t want to commit, then you need to walk away.  But how do you know he is afraid of commitment?  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the signs of a commitment-phobe to help you decide your current situation.

new jersey singles reviews

1. He’s never had a long-term relationship.

If you find out the man you’re dating hasn’t had a long-term relationship, that’s fine if he’s young.  But if he’s older and has never been in a meaningful relationship, that’s a sign he’s afraid of commitment.  If his longest relationship lasted a month or two, that’s a sign you have a serious commitment-phobe on your hands.

Sure, as professional matchmakers, we know that relationships don’t always last.  But if he is older and has never had any kind of serious relationship, then that should throw up red flags and make you wonder why.  If he’s had an endless string of short-term relationships and flings, then that’s a cause for concern.  Try to dig deep and find out why he’s never had anything serious in the relationship department.

2. He likes the chase but not settling down.

For whatever reason, some men only like the chase and walk away once the relationship gets serious.  As matchmakers, we know that men are programmed for the thrill of the chase.  They love picking up attractive women at bars, going out with them, charming them, getting their digits, etc.—they love the early stages of a relationship when everything is exciting and fresh.  However, at some point, the relationship gets comfortable, which is when many men walk away.

Sure, the excitement can be brought back, but for many men it’s just not the same.  For some reason, they’re afraid of settling down with just one woman.  Commitment-phobes are afraid of settling in a relationship and walk away once the chase disappears.

3. He doesn’t like to be tied down.

If you really want to know if the man you’re seeing is afraid of commitment, take a closer look at his life.  Is he afraid to be tied down?  Does he continue to rent, not because he can’t afford to buy a house but because he wants to pick up at a moment’s notice?  Does he avoid buying a car because he likes to switch it up every year or so?  Commitment and settling down comes with a lot of benefits, but for some men that’s just not enough.

4. He changes when things start to get serious.

Men who are afraid of commitment start out charming and affectionate but change their behavior when the relationship gets more serious.  These are the type of men who will show up with a bouquet of flowers to charm you but quickly change once they have you.

Men who are afraid of commitment get spooked the second things start heading towards a serious relationship.  If you notice his attitude did a 180 for no apparent reason, then that could be the culprit.  Perhaps he likes the chase but wants nothing to do with getting serious.

5. He doesn’t want to get to know you better.

This might seem too simple, but it’s true.  If he really cares about you, then he will want to get to know you better.  If the man you’re seeing doesn’t care to know your interests, fears, goals, or passions, then he doesn’t want to get to know you.  During the early stages of your relationship he should’ve asked you plenty of questions to get to know you and talk about everything.  If he doesn’t know anything about you or doesn’t care to know, then he is terrified of commitment.

6. He sends mixed signals.

We said it many times before.  Men who are afraid of committing will send out mixed signals.  He knows exactly what to do to keep you interested and happy, but that’s it—that’s all he does.  When it comes to doing relationship-type things, he’s nowhere to be found.  You might notice that things go great for a while but all the sudden stop.  No, you didn’t do anything wrong—he just noticed things are getting serious and is pulling back.  He wants to keep you on the hook because he enjoys the benefits, but he doesn’t want to get too close because he knows that means a relationship.

7. He doesn’t want to put a label on things.

No one is saying that you need to define your relationship after a few dates, because that would be a little crazy.  However, if the two of you have been seeing each other for some time now, then you need to figure out where you stand.  A man who is afraid of commitment will be afraid to bring up the subject, and if you bring it up, he’ll switch it to something else.  Commitment-phobes are afraid to put a label on things and will hold on as long as they can.  If you have mentioned it to him many times and he doesn’t seem to want to put a label on the relationship, it’s time to cut him loose because he’s not going to commit to you.

There is nothing worse than falling for a man who seems interested but just won’t commit.  If you notice a few of these signs in the man you’re seeing, then it’s clear he is a commitment-phobe.  You don’t deserve to be strung along by a guy who has no intentions of settling down.

Are you ready to meet quality men in New Jersey who aren’t afraid of commitment?  Contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today and let us introduce you to relationship-minded men who are compatible with you.

How to Be a True Lady with New Jersey Singles Dating Service

Bar fights, jealous outbreaks, backstabbing, and gossiping? Do you think that’s what a true woman is? Absolutely not. Today, New Jersey Singles Dating Service will teach you how to be a true lady.

Have you ever seen a woman walk into a room with a nice grace and her head held high and proud? A woman who is kind and vulnerable, yet able to hold her own? A women who is courageous yet humble at the same time? A woman that as soon as you laid eyes on her you knew she was a true lady?

Half naked women have become mainstream in today’s society. We are forced to stare at photoshopped images of what people call beauty. We read articles daily on how women become so popular for acting a fool. Women who are using drugs, throwing temper tantrums, and being belligerent… But is that what mean really want? And better yet, is that what women want to be? Absolutely not.

People might be attracted to someone outrageous, but here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we know the reality. The truth is, men want someone who is kindhearted, humble, and charismatic. Sure, a man might be lured into a relationship with a crazy woman because of her sex appeal, but he will fall head over heels for one who is stable and in control of her life.

Read on to find out how to be a true lady in a modern world.


1. You Must Be Polite

The truth is, chivalry is not going out of style, and if you expect it from a man, then the least you can do as a woman is be polite to him. If you have to let a man down, do it in a polite way. It isn’t nice to walk all over someone’s emotions, no matter what they’ve done. Always act as who you truly want to be and how you want them to perceive you. Don’t let a small situation define who you are. Rise above it and be polite.

Always say please and thank you when out with a man, and give compliments when fit. Go out of your way to thank someone who has helped you out and always reply to messages. Now, you don’t necessarily have to respond the first second you get them, but even if your reply is short, we want you to make one.

2. Know When to Say No

A true lady doesn’t agree with things she doesn’t believe in. She stands for her values and morals. Respect is gained when someone defends something they stand for, all while acknowledging that others think differently.
This applies solely to peer pressure. People think they must do something to be accepted, but if you don’t stand for it, then you don’t have to do it. Always remember that a true lady is loved and respected for who she is, not for trying to fit in.

3. Don’t Agree with Everything

A true lady doesn’t do things to please others, unless it’s something she really wants to do on her own. She doesn’t give up her time just to please someone.

4. Give Back to Others

There is something about a woman who is able to stand on her feet yet provide for others, someone who isn’t needy, someone who doesn’t give to someone to get something back but rather chooses to give to someone because it makes her feel good. The most renowned ladies today participate in charities. When people give selflessly, there is something about them that makes them stand out. Being selfless gives people a glow. Selfless people give and do things because of the pure pleasure of seeing someone else happy. They do it because they want to change the world.

5. Don’t Criticize Others

Gossip might be the all the latest craze, but that doesn’t make it right. A true lady, even if she dislikes someone, doesn’t spend her time criticizing and discussing them. Rather, she goes on with her normal life like it doesn’t even bother her. She doesn’t go around town spreading gossip, nor does she try to humiliate someone. A true lady doesn’t need to put others down in order to boost herself up. She already knows what she is and knows her own value, and that’s what you need to do too.

4. Follows Through on Her Word

A lot of people in today’s world are very flaky. Being hard to get is what women call it, but here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we call it playing games. There is something nice about a woman who follows through with her word, a woman who has a life, someone who sticks to what she says. If you want to be a classy lady, you must show people you’re reliable and trustworthy.

5. The Ability to Have a Discussion without an Argument

Catfights might seem like the newest trend, a lady, though, never raises her voice. She is able to hold her own without having to yell. She listens to what others have to say and doesn’t just scream to get her point across. She doesn’t let herself get bullied into agreeing with something she doesn’t believe and always stands firm in her decisions.

6. Don’t Be Afraid of Being Wrong

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone comes short sometimes, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. A true lady is able to smile at those mistakes. She is happy in her own skin and owns up to every mistake she makes.

7. Know How to Listen

A true lady doesn’t speak over others, nor does she interrupt them when they’re talking. She listens to what people have to say and understands their point of view. When others talk, she’s not just waiting for her turn. She is finding out what others are saying first, then tastefully responding. She is curious as to what others have to say because she wants to learn.

8. Don’t Play Games

A lady knows how much to give to a man to keep him wanting more. She doesn’t play dating games. She simply gets a man to woo her and watches to see if he is the right candidate. She does a little teasing, but never gives in until she knows he is worth it for a serious relationship.

Are you a true lady? Do you want to be one? Either way, hopefully this article from our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service helped you get on the right track.

If you’re looking to meet quality men who are a good fit for you, contact our matchmakers today to set up a complimentary consultation.

New Jersey Singles Complaints: Why Didn’t He Call Me Back?

Are you going crazy trying to figure out the reason you didn’t hear from him? Well, don’t worry, our New Jersey professional matchmakers have the inside scoop! Today, our dating experts from New Jersey Singles will show you the reasons you didn’t get the callback.

Going out on a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience, and you already know that. There are a lot of things to consider. Will he be into you? Does your outfit look good? Will you be compatible? Is there a piece of oregano stuck in your teeth?

Further complicating things is the fact that sometimes, you don’t know the man you’re going to meet too well. So if something goes wrong or if he doesn’t call you after the date, it can be very difficult to pinpoint what could have happened. It’s not like you’re a magician or know what’s going on in his mind, right?


Why Hasn’t He Called You

Sometimes a date can go well but then nothing happens. No phone call, no text message, nothing. Isn’t that frustrating? We think so. But in order to put your mind at ease, our professional matchmakers from New Jersey Singles have put together a list of reasons why he may not have called you again.

1. He Lost Your Phone Number

This is by far the simplest reason why a man would not call you. Maybe the date went great, maybe you both had chemistry but maybe he typed in the wrong number or accidentally deleted it. If you met randomly at the grocery store or your local lounge, then maybe he lost the napkin on which he wrote it down when he met you. As you know, men can be very clumsy with things.

2. He Lost or Damaged His Phone

This could be another simple reason why he did not call you. He could have lost his iPhone or dropped it on the street, losing all his contacts. But then again, he might not have called you for other reasons, so read on.

3. He’s Back with His Ex

Hopefully, this isn’t what happened. But anyone who has ever been in an on and off relationship knows that exes are always lingering on the backburner. So maybe your date ended up back with his ex. Perhaps he liked her so much he couldn’t resist.

4. He’s Not That into You

Chemistry is a difficult thing; you either have it or you don’t. If he did not feel any chemistry with you, perhaps he is just not going to call you back because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. If you messaged him and he didn’t respond, it is the same thing.

5. He Might Be Shy

Men can be shy, especially when it comes to dating. If he has not called you back, it could be because he doesn’t know if you liked him. Maybe he is too shy to ask you out on a second date out of fear you will turn him down. No one likes to face rejection.

If you think he could be the shy type, you might want to send him a text message letting him know you had a good time with him. This will let him know you had a good time with him, easing his nerves and giving him the courage to ask you out again.

6. He Could Be Very Busy

In this fast-paced world everyone is extremely busy. If your date went well and it has just been a few days, it could mean that everyday life just got in his way. It could be that his workload has all the sudden doubled or that he is going through something with his family.

7. He Doesn’t Think You’re into Him

Even if the man you went out with had a great date with you and he is not the shy type, he might believe that you did not like him. If you’re someone who tends not to show her feelings or uses a lot of sarcasm, you might have given him a reason to be hesitant to call you.

8. He Might Be into Someone Else

The dating world is often very fast-paced, especially when men are on the hunt for a relationship. Dating opportunities often come on very quickly, so the man you went out on a date with last Saturday might have also had a date scheduled for Sunday and even Monday… And maybe one of those dates made a better connection with him.

9. He Might Not Be Ready to Settle Down

A lot of times men will begin the dating process before they’re ready. If he has just gotten out of a relationship or if he has been through some hardship in his life, then he might not be ready to start a serious relationship. A lot of times, men think they’re ready when they’re actually not.

10. He Wants You to Make the First Move

This one is not as common, but it does happen in the dating world. A lot of times because men are afraid of rejection, they may want the woman to make the first move. If you don’t mind taking the lead, then go ahead and send him a quick text message. Make it short and sweet, something along the lines of “I had a great time with you, I’d love to do it again sometime.”

11. He Completely Forgot

There have been many cases that men have completely forgotten to call their dates. Errands, work, and social lives can get in the way, and again, didn’t we say men were clumsy?

So ladies, if you went out with a great looking guy and had a good date but he never called you back, these reasons from our professional matchmakers should help you put your finger on what might have happened. It might not have been anything you did. It might have nothing to do with compatibility or other romantic factors. It could be as simple as him dropping his phone or him losing your number.

We don’t want you to get all brokenhearted when a man doesn’t call you back after a date. There are a ton of reasons why this happens, and some of the reasons can be quickly resolved by you picking up your phone and sending him a quick text message. Otherwise, you can just sit there and wait… and wait a little more. If you don’t hear back from him or he doesn’t respond to your text, don’t hold your breath. Move on and find someone you really hit it off with.

If you’re ready to meet quality men in New Jersey, contact our matchmaking professionals here at New Jersey Singles and let us find you someone special!