New Jersey Singles Complaints | The Biggest Worries of NJ Daters

Singles, fear not. Professional matchmakers know better than anyone the worries singles face in the big bad dating world. Today, New Jersey dating and relationship experts will ease your anxiety with their knowledge and advice.

Your friends who are already dating someone might be the first ones to tell you they wish they were single again and that they envy your single lifestyle. But you want what they have, right? Of course you do or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. They imagine your single life to be nothing but freedom, but you on the other hand, see nothing but loneliness as you think about your nights at home eating pizza and watching TV marathons by yourself (gaining weight).

Yes, your single lifestyle creates a whole new array of different opportunities and exciting prospects, but it can also bring lonely nights and worries. Today, our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will review the worries many single people have, and we’ll share some of our thoughts to ease your worries.


1. Everyone I Know Is Settling Down

Not that again, please! Not another wedding invitation! If your kitchen table has turned into heaps and mounds of wedding invitations, don’t stare at it with anger. Be happy for your friends and know that it will be your time soon. Getting married is not a race. It takes time, and it takes people years to get to that point, so enjoy your single status for now. Do all the things you want to do when you want to and stop comparing your life to those of your friends.

2. I Feel Very Lonely

Everyone gets lonely from time to time, even your friends who are in relationships. Being in a relationship isn’t a cure for loneliness, so our matchmakers want you to remember that. Don’t cut yourself off from friends and family members as the connection you feel with them will help you fill the void you’re feeling in your love life. You’ll be ready for love once you’re happy and content with yourself and your life.

3. What If I’m Single for the Rest of My Life?

Before you drive yourself crazy, try to remember that if you want a relationship, you will eventually find it. However, here at New Jersey Singles, we know you need to make sure you are being proactive about your search. Even if you don’t meet the right man or woman on the first try, you will get to experience a relationship with someone and improve your dating skills for the future. Practice makes perfect.

4. I Am at an Age I Need to Have Children

If you are a woman, don’t fall into the trap of believing you need to rush into a relationship because your biological clock is ticking. Remember that there are options, no matter what age you are. There isn’t a right age to have a child, so if you have not found the right person yet, do not enter into the wrong relationship because you think you need to have a child right now or by a certain deadline. Our professional matchmakers want you to look for compatibility first as it will be very important for the future of your relationship.

5. Should I Have Broken up with Them?

Oh, here we go again… The big regret about breaking up with your ex. The thing you need to remember is that the two of you broke up for a reason. It’s normal to feel regrets when you’re feeling lonely, but when you’re looking back at it, you will realize that you were only looking at your relationship with rose-tinted glasses. Start thinking about all the bad times instead of only focusing on the good.

6. Am I Being Too Picky?

If you’re only searching for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, or a copy of your ex, then you are being picky. There isn’t a point in having such high standards if you can’t find anyone to date. It is good to know what you want in a relationship, but don’t be too closed off or judgmental. You need to start dating outside of your comfort zone and learning more about yourself and what will truly make you happy in the end.

7. Where Can I Meet Someone?

If booze-filled nights are no longer the thing for you and you’re worried about where you will meet someone compatible to date, don’t lose hope. How about enrolling in a new class, taking up a new hobby, checking out different coffee shops in your area, or even trying our professional matchmaking services here at New Jersey Singles? Be adventurous and you will find love in 2015.

8. Should I Continue to Date Them If There Is No Connection?

There needs to be a spark for a relationship to be successful; however, our professional matchmakers know that spark might not happen right away. People are often nervous during first dates and sometimes that means acting a little goofy, shy, or even too talkative (out of fear of those dreaded awkward silences). Remember that they need a chance to loosen up just like you do. If you go on a couple of dates with someone and don’t feel a spark just yet, don’t be so quick to write them off right away. But if you’ve been dating someone for many months and still don’t see a spark, then it’s time to call it a day and move onto someone else you do feel a connection with.

9. What If I’m the Last Single Standing?

Everyone worries about being the only single left out of the group, so you’re not alone. Even if you’re the last single one left in your group of friends, you’re not the last one on the planet. You need to get out there and enjoy life. At least you’ll have plenty of interesting stories to share once you do find someone for a relationship.

10. If They Are Playing Games, Should I Play Them Too?

If you’re playing games to match someone else’s games, for example, taking three days to respond to a text, stop it! Life is too short to be playing games. You need to move on or be honest about how you feel. If you are not sure how they feel, you need to go ahead and ask them.

11. How Will I Know When I Meet the One?

Always trust your gut instinct. You will now right away when you meet the one as you will feel comfortable around them. You will not feel the pressure of having to impress them every second you’re together. If you are questioning whether or not you have met the one, you have not met them yet.

12. Am I Dating The Wrong Type of Partner?

Listen to your friends and family members as they will be the ones to tell you the truth. Your friends will be the first ones to see what you don’t see. Be honest with yourself and how this person makes you feel. Does this partner bring out the best side of you? This is where you need to do some honest reflecting.

Singles, fear not. You’re not the only one who thinks all these thoughts. There are many people who worry about the same thing. But don’t worry, if you are looking to leave your single days behind, you can. If you’re serious about finding a meaningful relationship this year, contact one of our skilled matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today. We’ll help you find the love you deserve!

New Jersey Singles Complaints: Why Didn’t He Call Me Back?

Are you going crazy trying to figure out the reason you didn’t hear from him? Well, don’t worry, our New Jersey professional matchmakers have the inside scoop! Today, our dating experts from New Jersey Singles will show you the reasons you didn’t get the callback.

Going out on a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience, and you already know that. There are a lot of things to consider. Will he be into you? Does your outfit look good? Will you be compatible? Is there a piece of oregano stuck in your teeth?

Further complicating things is the fact that sometimes, you don’t know the man you’re going to meet too well. So if something goes wrong or if he doesn’t call you after the date, it can be very difficult to pinpoint what could have happened. It’s not like you’re a magician or know what’s going on in his mind, right?


Why Hasn’t He Called You

Sometimes a date can go well but then nothing happens. No phone call, no text message, nothing. Isn’t that frustrating? We think so. But in order to put your mind at ease, our professional matchmakers from New Jersey Singles have put together a list of reasons why he may not have called you again.

1. He Lost Your Phone Number

This is by far the simplest reason why a man would not call you. Maybe the date went great, maybe you both had chemistry but maybe he typed in the wrong number or accidentally deleted it. If you met randomly at the grocery store or your local lounge, then maybe he lost the napkin on which he wrote it down when he met you. As you know, men can be very clumsy with things.

2. He Lost or Damaged His Phone

This could be another simple reason why he did not call you. He could have lost his iPhone or dropped it on the street, losing all his contacts. But then again, he might not have called you for other reasons, so read on.

3. He’s Back with His Ex

Hopefully, this isn’t what happened. But anyone who has ever been in an on and off relationship knows that exes are always lingering on the backburner. So maybe your date ended up back with his ex. Perhaps he liked her so much he couldn’t resist.

4. He’s Not That into You

Chemistry is a difficult thing; you either have it or you don’t. If he did not feel any chemistry with you, perhaps he is just not going to call you back because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. If you messaged him and he didn’t respond, it is the same thing.

5. He Might Be Shy

Men can be shy, especially when it comes to dating. If he has not called you back, it could be because he doesn’t know if you liked him. Maybe he is too shy to ask you out on a second date out of fear you will turn him down. No one likes to face rejection.

If you think he could be the shy type, you might want to send him a text message letting him know you had a good time with him. This will let him know you had a good time with him, easing his nerves and giving him the courage to ask you out again.

6. He Could Be Very Busy

In this fast-paced world everyone is extremely busy. If your date went well and it has just been a few days, it could mean that everyday life just got in his way. It could be that his workload has all the sudden doubled or that he is going through something with his family.

7. He Doesn’t Think You’re into Him

Even if the man you went out with had a great date with you and he is not the shy type, he might believe that you did not like him. If you’re someone who tends not to show her feelings or uses a lot of sarcasm, you might have given him a reason to be hesitant to call you.

8. He Might Be into Someone Else

The dating world is often very fast-paced, especially when men are on the hunt for a relationship. Dating opportunities often come on very quickly, so the man you went out on a date with last Saturday might have also had a date scheduled for Sunday and even Monday… And maybe one of those dates made a better connection with him.

9. He Might Not Be Ready to Settle Down

A lot of times men will begin the dating process before they’re ready. If he has just gotten out of a relationship or if he has been through some hardship in his life, then he might not be ready to start a serious relationship. A lot of times, men think they’re ready when they’re actually not.

10. He Wants You to Make the First Move

This one is not as common, but it does happen in the dating world. A lot of times because men are afraid of rejection, they may want the woman to make the first move. If you don’t mind taking the lead, then go ahead and send him a quick text message. Make it short and sweet, something along the lines of “I had a great time with you, I’d love to do it again sometime.”

11. He Completely Forgot

There have been many cases that men have completely forgotten to call their dates. Errands, work, and social lives can get in the way, and again, didn’t we say men were clumsy?

So ladies, if you went out with a great looking guy and had a good date but he never called you back, these reasons from our professional matchmakers should help you put your finger on what might have happened. It might not have been anything you did. It might have nothing to do with compatibility or other romantic factors. It could be as simple as him dropping his phone or him losing your number.

We don’t want you to get all brokenhearted when a man doesn’t call you back after a date. There are a ton of reasons why this happens, and some of the reasons can be quickly resolved by you picking up your phone and sending him a quick text message. Otherwise, you can just sit there and wait… and wait a little more. If you don’t hear back from him or he doesn’t respond to your text, don’t hold your breath. Move on and find someone you really hit it off with.

If you’re ready to meet quality men in New Jersey, contact our matchmaking professionals here at New Jersey Singles and let us find you someone special!


New Jersey Singles Reviews the Reasons People Stop Loving Each Other

What is it? Why do people stop loving each other? Today, the veteran matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles reviews the many reasons love fades away. If you and your partner have hit rough waters, read on to find out from New Jersey matchmakers what could have happened in your relationship.

Sometimes, love doesn’t come in all at once. It comes on slowly and gradually builds over time; and falling out of love happens the same way. There are times when there is so much chaos in a relationship that it hits a point people can’t take it anymore, and this is where love starts to fade away, leaving partners feeling alone and falling out of love.

Falling out of love is just as confusing as falling in love. People start questioning the reasons and coming up with excuses from, “There has to be something wrong with me,” to, “They must be cheating on me.” There are many reasons people fall out of love, and the matchmaking team at New Jersey Singles reviews those common reasons for you today.


The Passion Fades Away

Passion is more than a physical response to each other; it is an important aspect of love. Although everyone knows that passion fades away over time, there are some people who keep the passion burning and going strong forever. One of the reasons people fall out of love is become they know longer feel passionate for their partner. It’s not easy to swallow, but it happens to many people, even those who are involved in seemingly happy and healthy relationships.

The Lack of Affection

New Jersey Singles reviews one very common reason which people fall out of love is due to the lack of affection. In other words, partners become cold with each other and the relationship. Many couples have been here before and know how important affection is in order to make their relationship work. Affection comes in many forms such as holding hands, cuddling, or loving each other. If couples don’t give each other affection, they become cold with one another and often times end up seeking it elsewhere. When there is a lack of affection, it no wonder love fades away.

Partners Are Set in Their Ways

Another common reason many partners fall out of love with each other is because one partner is stuck in their ways. Lack of passion in a relationship is something often ignored, but if you are the one who is in constant need of excitement and your partner isn’t the type of person who will try something new, your relationship will soon take a toll and the love will fade away.


There Isn’t Much to Talk about

Falling out of love doesn’t mean you no longer love your partner. And as confusing as it might sound, you could fall out of love because there is really nothing left for you and your partner to talk about. Conversation, future goals, arguments, and even debates are very important things couples must discuss with each other. Sometimes, people in relationships are content being in each other’s company without talking to each other, but for most, being in love means being intellectually attracted to each other. If you no longer have things to talk about with your partner, then intellectual stimulation will no longer be a part of your relationship and that can often cause the love to fade away.

There Is a Lot of History

Couples can have a lot of history together, and over time, those ups and downs become a part of who you are as a couple and can eventually define you. Strong couples can handle the ups and downs life throws their way. In fact, some of those couples grow even stronger over time because of what they have faced together; however, some couples cannot handle it, causing the relationship to crash and fail.


There Is Just Too Much Drama

Not only can a lot of history damage a relationship and make two partners fall out of love with each other, but so can drama and negativity. If you and your partner are constantly involved in drama and fights, or if there is drama coming from friends or family, then your relationship is going to suffer, possibly causing the love to fade away. While there are couples out there who are in love with drama and would not have it any other way, most of the time drama will kill a good relationship. New Jersey Singles matchmakers know handling drama is emotionally exhausting and can quickly destroy a relationship.

There Is a Lot of Pain

Finally, the most popular reason people fall out of love is because they’ve been through a lot of pain. It is inevitable that over the course of any relationship there are bound to be arguments and harsh words thrown in, sometimes, relationships even face trials such as a cheating partner; however, for most people, it’s much more difficult to forgive and forget than to walk away from the relationship. The problem is, little things add up to the point it cannot be ignored, and it’s easier to cut ties altogether.

Not every relationship out there is destined to last forever, but if you think you and your partner are growing cold or you feel like your love is starting to fade away, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the issues. And while not every relationship is meant to be saved, at least you’ll know you gave it your all. Remember, sometimes when love grows cold, it’s best to move on and find a relationship with someone who is meant for you; and when you’re ready to make that move, the professional matchmakers at New Jersey Singles will be ready for you.

If you’re tired of looking for Mr. or Ms. Right on your own, contact the veteran matchmaking team at New Jersey Singles today and let them help introduce you to compatible, like-minded singles who are looking for the same thing out of dating as you. What are you waiting for? Take the next step to finding Mr. or Ms. Right and contact New Jersey Singles today!