New Jersey Singles Reviews 8 Great Signs You Found the One

It’s not easy being a single woman in today’s dating scene.  And if you’re like many single women in New Jersey, you already know that the longer you’re single, the harder it is to find love.  You have to keep putting yourself out there hoping to meet quality men who are compatible with you but with no luck in sight.

Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we know the NJ dating scene can be brutal for women; after all, not every man you meet has good intentions.  You go on a lot of dates hoping to find the one but are disappointed with each date and growing discouraged with the search for love.  You keep hoping that one day you’ll hit it off with someone until you finally do.  But after so many disappointments on your dating journey, now you don’t know if this is real or a figment of your imagination.

But don’t worry, because that’s where we come in.  Here at New Jersey Singles, our dating professionals know how to decipher if a man is good news or bad, and we’re here to teach you how to do the same.  So get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews the signs you finally found the one.

new jersey singles reviews

1. He’s Not a Man Child

This is a huge epidemic happening in the NJ dating scene: mature men who behave like babies.  We’re talking about the type of guy who lives at home with his mom and expects her to do everything for him.  He has a full-time job and earns a good income but still expects everyone to cater to him.

This guy doesn’t realize he’s old enough to live on his own and that he’s capable of looking after himself, and the worst part is that he doesn’t even care.  He is used to living this way and doesn’t want to change.  We hope this doesn’t sound like your guy.

2. He Is Funny

You really want to date a guy who is funny—and what woman doesn’t?  It is wonderful to finally meet a man who knows how to have a good time.  Your guy can turn your tears into laughter and smiles.  If he can turn an ugly day into a good one with his sense of humor, then he is the one.

He knows that life is meant to be lived to the fullest and doesn’t let anything get to him.  When you meet a man who is funny, we suggest you keep him, because they’re hard to find.

3. He Has a Big Heart

In today’s modern dating scene, it’s hard to find a man with a big heart.  Let’s face it, they certainly don’t make them like they used to.  Sure, at first every man seems great, but it’s after a few months of dating that his true colors come out.  If you have been dating for a while and he is still kindhearted to you like he was during the early stages of the relationship, then he is the one.

4. He Is Interesting

It’s hard to find men who have looks and brains, but if you have found a great guy that has a lot going on, then you found the one.  No woman on earth wants to date a boring man, no matter how attractive he is—and that’s a true fact.  You can never underestimate the importance of brains.  If the man you’re dating can talk to you for hours about anything and everything, then he is the one for you.

5. He Has Goals in Life

It’s awesome when you start dating a man who has many goals in life.  It’s great to see him work hard to achieve great things at work and watch him become a better person.  You have already dated lazy men with no goals, and now it’s time to enjoy sharing life with someone who is future-oriented.

He has many goals and dreams and inspires you to accomplish your own dreams and aspirations.  He isn’t happy sitting idle because he’s always trying to better himself.  Now, that’s attractive!

6. He’s Family-Oriented

Now, don’t get this one confused with a mama’s boy because that’s completely different.  You don’t want to date a man who is glued to his mom’s hip and can’t make his own decisions, but you do want to date one who is family-oriented.  Family-oriented men make for great partners because they value family.

Down the road, when the two of you decide to have children, you know you’ll be able to can count on him.  Family means everything to him now, so imagine how amazing he will be when the two of you start your own family together.

7. He’s Career-Oriented

It’s hard to date a man who doesn’t have a career.  Maybe you’ve already been there before and dated a man you had to support.  It is refreshing to date a man who not only has a good career but is always looking to advance.  He is always the one with the strongest work ethics, the one that dreams of one day being the boss.  When you describe him, the first thing you say is that he is career-oriented.

He doesn’t care if you have to work late either, because he knows how important your career is to you.  He doesn’t mind putting in extra hours on the weekend and he does whatever it takes to lead a good life.

8. He Has Hobbies & Interests

Have you ever dated a guy who had no hobbies and interests and did nothing but sit at home playing video games and watching TV?  Now, you already know firsthand just how boring that was and how much you loathed it.  Every time you tried to attend your yoga class, he tried to steal your joy by asking you to stay home with him.  He didn’t have hobbies and didn’t let you do yours.  But now you’re dating a man with hobbies and interest and couldn’t be happier.

He loves his hobbies and interests and doesn’t mind when you go do yours.  In fact, you share some of the same hobbies and enjoy doing them together.  The older you get, the more you realize the importance of having shared hobbies and interests, as well as hobbies of your own.

How many of these signs do you see in the man you’re dating?  If you don’t see any of these, then it’s time to dump him.  But don’t worry, you won’t be alone for long.  Here at New Jersey Singles, our expert matchmakers are passionate about helping single women like yourself meet men with all of the above qualities.  Don’t settle for less in love, let us introduce you to someone who will fulfill all of your expectations.

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