NJ Singles Complaints on Bad Men to Date

Men aren’t always what they appear to be. Today, New Jersey Singles, Colts Neck’s premier dating agency, will review the top complaints from single women when it comes trouble men in the dating world.

When a woman is looking for a serious and long lasting relationship, she must find a man who is like-minded and ready for a meaningful relationship, not someone who doesn’t fit the bill. In the NJ dating pool, women will surely encounter a few bad men, men that must be avoided at all costs. Today, our NJ matchmakers will review a few men to stay from if you’re looking for a happy and healthy relationship.


The Player

No women, at least no sane woman, would ever want to be in a relationship with a player, but for some reason unknown, women seem to be attracted to them. New flash, ladies, a player will never be a good candidate for a serious relationship. As the name already tells you, the only thing he’s interested in is wasting your time. Don’t be fooled by his charm, because a player will only keep you around until he’s found someone better. Players are only after the side dish, never more than that.

A Man without a Job

A man without a job is not the right man to be in a relationship with; after all, a man who does not have a job and is not interested in looking for one clearly lacks ambition. Unless he has a really good excuse, for example, the company he worked for closed down or he has been laid off, he should constantly be looking for a new job. Otherwise, you want to stay as far away as possible from this man. Being unemployed isn’t a sexy quality and he might be trying to reel you in so you can take care of paying his bills for him.

An Insecure Man

Everyone has insecurities and we work hard in order to eliminate them from our lives, correct? Our matchmakers want to forewarn you that dating a man who suffers from a lot of insecurities can be extremely consuming and exhausting for you. You have to deal with a lot of jealousy issues, insecurity problems, trust issues, and everything in between. A relationship with an insecure man will definitely leave you feeling drained.

A Basement Dwelling Man

There are a number of situations out there that will require a man to move back to his parent’s house, and there are good legitimate reasons as long as it’s temporary; however, if you come across a man who is proud to live in his parent’s basement, doesn’t pay rent, and clearly has no motivation of moving out, then you need to move on. There is nothing attractive about a proud basement dweller. Steer clear from this man at all costs.

The Man Who Thinks He’s a King

This man is a king but doesn’t really have a crown. Have you ever come across a man like this? Well, this is the type of man who expects women to treat him like royalty; he wants you to prepare his meals for him, clean the house, and do his laundry, all while he sits on the couch drinking beer and watching football. A man with expectations like this is not going to treat you right in a relationship. You deserve to be treated like a queen, not the other way around.


A Man with Too Many Children

When a man is thirty and has four children to all different women, there should immediately be a red flag going off in your head. Men with different children to different women are not worth dating; after all, chances are, he is a player. Plus, there will also be a lot of baby mama drama in this situation, and everyone knows how awkward that can be. Avoid the man with several baby mamas; trust us, you will thank us later.

A Man with a Lot of Baggage

Most often, women are the ones who are portrayed to have a lot of baggage. But the truth is, in this modern world, men have it too. Beware of men who walk around with a lot of baggage, especially relationship baggage. If he still has lingering feelings for his ex or has other problems, don’t waste your time on him. Having outright baggage will only cause problems for you later on.

A Narcissistic Man

Our Colts Neck matchmakers never recommend dating a narcissist. There is nothing worse than dating a man who is completely self-centered and who could care less about anyone else. Though a narcissistic man might look great and dress well, he only cares about himself.

A Lazy Man

This type of man will have an on and off job and he will spend the majority of his time watching TV on his sofa. This man is the type that never cooks his own meals and never cleans up after himself. In other words, he never does anything on his own, and if he does, then he only does it half-assed. He would rather stay in than go out and have fun with you. This type of man takes lazy to the extreme. Does this type of man sound appealing? Probably not.


A Man Who Is after a One Night Stand

Many women out there already know about this type of man. This type of man is the one who is only after you for a one night stand. What good is this man if you’re looking for a serious relationship? He’s not worth anything; he is just looking to get into your bedroom and get out as quickly as possible. Be careful, ladies; if he’s having a one night stand with you, he’s likely having it with many other ladies too.

The Extremely Frugal Man

There is nothing wrong with a man who is looking out for his money and wants to save whenever he can; however, there is a line that needs to be drawn. If a man only takes you out to a restaurant with a wallet full of coupons or does not let you order drinks because they’re too expensive, it’s time to reconsider. Being frugal is okay, but being extremely cheap is different. You may end up paying his way for the remainder of the relationship.

A Man Who Is Set in His Ways

This man is completely set in his ways. He will not try or do anything new or anything that strays from his usual plans. Dating a man who is set in his ways and refuses to do anything different will surely bore you to death. Dating this type of man will also make for a one-sided relationship, and our Colts Neck matchmakers know that’s not healthy and you won’t be happy.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews the Reasons People Stop Loving Each Other

What is it? Why do people stop loving each other? Today, the veteran matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles reviews the many reasons love fades away. If you and your partner have hit rough waters, read on to find out from New Jersey matchmakers what could have happened in your relationship.

Sometimes, love doesn’t come in all at once. It comes on slowly and gradually builds over time; and falling out of love happens the same way. There are times when there is so much chaos in a relationship that it hits a point people can’t take it anymore, and this is where love starts to fade away, leaving partners feeling alone and falling out of love.

Falling out of love is just as confusing as falling in love. People start questioning the reasons and coming up with excuses from, “There has to be something wrong with me,” to, “They must be cheating on me.” There are many reasons people fall out of love, and the matchmaking team at New Jersey Singles reviews those common reasons for you today.


The Passion Fades Away

Passion is more than a physical response to each other; it is an important aspect of love. Although everyone knows that passion fades away over time, there are some people who keep the passion burning and going strong forever. One of the reasons people fall out of love is become they know longer feel passionate for their partner. It’s not easy to swallow, but it happens to many people, even those who are involved in seemingly happy and healthy relationships.

The Lack of Affection

New Jersey Singles reviews one very common reason which people fall out of love is due to the lack of affection. In other words, partners become cold with each other and the relationship. Many couples have been here before and know how important affection is in order to make their relationship work. Affection comes in many forms such as holding hands, cuddling, or loving each other. If couples don’t give each other affection, they become cold with one another and often times end up seeking it elsewhere. When there is a lack of affection, it no wonder love fades away.

Partners Are Set in Their Ways

Another common reason many partners fall out of love with each other is because one partner is stuck in their ways. Lack of passion in a relationship is something often ignored, but if you are the one who is in constant need of excitement and your partner isn’t the type of person who will try something new, your relationship will soon take a toll and the love will fade away.


There Isn’t Much to Talk about

Falling out of love doesn’t mean you no longer love your partner. And as confusing as it might sound, you could fall out of love because there is really nothing left for you and your partner to talk about. Conversation, future goals, arguments, and even debates are very important things couples must discuss with each other. Sometimes, people in relationships are content being in each other’s company without talking to each other, but for most, being in love means being intellectually attracted to each other. If you no longer have things to talk about with your partner, then intellectual stimulation will no longer be a part of your relationship and that can often cause the love to fade away.

There Is a Lot of History

Couples can have a lot of history together, and over time, those ups and downs become a part of who you are as a couple and can eventually define you. Strong couples can handle the ups and downs life throws their way. In fact, some of those couples grow even stronger over time because of what they have faced together; however, some couples cannot handle it, causing the relationship to crash and fail.


There Is Just Too Much Drama

Not only can a lot of history damage a relationship and make two partners fall out of love with each other, but so can drama and negativity. If you and your partner are constantly involved in drama and fights, or if there is drama coming from friends or family, then your relationship is going to suffer, possibly causing the love to fade away. While there are couples out there who are in love with drama and would not have it any other way, most of the time drama will kill a good relationship. New Jersey Singles matchmakers know handling drama is emotionally exhausting and can quickly destroy a relationship.

There Is a Lot of Pain

Finally, the most popular reason people fall out of love is because they’ve been through a lot of pain. It is inevitable that over the course of any relationship there are bound to be arguments and harsh words thrown in, sometimes, relationships even face trials such as a cheating partner; however, for most people, it’s much more difficult to forgive and forget than to walk away from the relationship. The problem is, little things add up to the point it cannot be ignored, and it’s easier to cut ties altogether.

Not every relationship out there is destined to last forever, but if you think you and your partner are growing cold or you feel like your love is starting to fade away, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the issues. And while not every relationship is meant to be saved, at least you’ll know you gave it your all. Remember, sometimes when love grows cold, it’s best to move on and find a relationship with someone who is meant for you; and when you’re ready to make that move, the professional matchmakers at New Jersey Singles will be ready for you.

If you’re tired of looking for Mr. or Ms. Right on your own, contact the veteran matchmaking team at New Jersey Singles today and let them help introduce you to compatible, like-minded singles who are looking for the same thing out of dating as you. What are you waiting for? Take the next step to finding Mr. or Ms. Right and contact New Jersey Singles today!