New Jersey Singles Reviews 6 Dating Tips for Serious Singles

Whether you’re dating for the first time or are reentering the dating scene after a breakup or divorce, everyone struggles a bit when it comes to modern day dating.  What’s more?  There are no magic formulas when it comes to finding that special someone.  And although there isn’t a one-size fits all piece of advice, our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service have some dating secrets we know will put you one step closer to finding the one.

If you are a serious single who wants to find real love, then you’ll definitely want to implement these matchmaking secrets into your dating life.

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1. First Impressions Still Count

As they say: you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  When it comes to dating, you only get one chance to do it right.  Get a trusted friend to give you their honest opinion before heading out on your date.  We know this is easier said than done today, but we have the solution for you.  Simply send them a picture of what yourself all put together and ready for your big date.

One important tip is to make sure that your clothes fit properly.  If you lost weight, make sure you freshen up your wardrobe because fitted clothing is better than loose clothing.  Oh, and don’t forget to use a spritz of perfume or cologne to really pull it all together.

2. Dress to Impress

If you’re going on an evening date, make sure you dress the part.  Guys, make sure you wear slacks, a nice dress shirt, and clean shoes.  Ladies, wear something feminine, something that is not too revealing.  Keep your makeup and jewelry to a minimum so he’s not distracted by any loud or over-the-top pieces.

3. Chivalry Goes a Long Way

One thing is for sure: guys should always open the doors, pull out chairs, and offer your coat.  Believe it or not, being a gentleman will always make you stand out from the crowd.  Ladies, you’re not off the hook here because you can be chivalrous too by always thanking your date at the end of the evening.  On the first date, always offer to pay half of the bill.  And if you had a wonderful evening, make sure you send him a text message to let him know, especially if you’re hoping to get a second one.

4. Keep the Dates Short & Sweet

You should always keep the first date under two hours.  You and your date will have plenty of time to get to know each other without crossing the line of oversharing.  We always suggest for our clients to keep the first date short and sweet and to choose a casual setting, like a coffee shop or a restaurant that’s not too loud or stuffy.  First dates need to take place in a setting that allows conversation to flow, so no bars, clubs, or noisy places.

5. Always Smile & Be Present

This tip is for both sexes.  Smile and have fun.  Be present.  Don’t ramble about your exes.  Don’t ask about theirs.  Put your phone down.  Be authentic and have fun.  See, it really is that simple.

6. Pace Yourself

We live in a society that expects immediate gratification, but if you have that approach in your dating life, you’re going to be disappointed.  Our advice as matchmakers is to pace yourself and take time getting to know each other.  The guy or gal you’re meant to be with will be well worth the wait.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews the Ultimate Divorced Dating Tips

If you’re like most divorcees, you probably swore up and down that you would never put yourself in a situation where you could get hurt again, right? This is especially true if the divorce was nasty. In time, however, you will decide to give love another chance and see what happens. Perhaps you’ve already made that decision and are currently looking for love in NJ. But now the main question comes in: where should you start? After all, dating today isn’t like it used to be.

The local bars and clubs aren’t your scene anymore, Tinder and online dating sites aren’t giving you the results you want, and friends and coworkers never get it right. It’s normal to feel frustrated with the divorced dating scene. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Today, our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles are going to show you the best tips for post-divorce dating. We’ve helped many divorced singles in New Jersey find the love the never thought they could, and we’re confident we can help you too.

senior dating in new jersey

1. Let It Go

This is perhaps the most important part of post-divorce dating. Really, you need to let it go. Whether it was your ex’s fault or yours, you need to let it go now and accept that you can’t change the past. Moving on from your failed marriage is the first step in finding love again.

2. Rediscover Yourself

Years of being coupled up and doing everything as a unit—a team—has a way of settling in. Then it happens: a devastating divorce—a life altering experience that will definitely take a toll on you. Whether you’ve forgotten the hobbies and interests you used to enjoy or simply let yourself go, now is the time to rediscover yourself.

Our matchmakers want you to reinvent yourself and have fun doing it. Join the gym, enroll in a fitness club, take yoga classes, learn a new language, partake in a new hobby, or volunteer in your spare time. Even something as simple as doing a little bit of shopping or getting a new hairstyle will help you feel confident and ready to tackle the dating scene again. Investing in yourself is crucial before investing in a new relationship.

3. Get Out More

Engaging in everyday activities will make it easier to get used to your new life. Married couples are known for having routines, and it can be a shock to start doing things on your own again. We want you to change up your routine a bit. That’s right, don’t be afraid of living your own life. You need to start a new routine that is all about you. Go for a regular walk every afternoon or start a new hobby. Try anything that gets you out of the house and in contact with other people.

4. Discover the Best Approach to Divorced Dating

The hardest part of post-divorce dating has to be getting a date on your own, and this is where our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service come into play. We will search our extensive database on your behalf and find like-minded successful singles who are also looking to settle down. We do the hard part of post-divorce dating for you and only introduce you to compatible dates, increasing your chances of finding love again.

A devastating divorce can definitely take a toll on your confidence and leave you doubting yourself. However, as matchmakers, we know you’ll get back on your feet, re-establish yourself, and find love once again.

If you’re looking for love in New Jersey, contact our matchmakers today and let us help you find the one. We make dating after divorce easier and more enjoyable for all our valued clients, and we can do the same for you.

Call 1 (888) 417-0020 and request your FREE in-depth matchmaking consultation today. Really, it’s time you invest in yourself and take advantage of this 100% FREE consultation and find the love you deserve!

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New Jersey Singles Reviews the Signs He’s Afraid to Commit

There is no doubt about it, relationships can be very difficult.  It’s difficult to go on many bad dates where you know in just a few minutes that you’re not compatible.  It is very difficult to merge your life with someone else’s after you’ve been single for so long.  And even when you’re in a successful relationship, you still have to put in a lot of time and dedication.  Relationships are wonderful but require a lot of efforts, and for some men, it’s just too much.

Sure, they want to settle down with a wonderful woman, and perhaps they do want to find love but aren’t quite committed.  However, for the most part, commitment scares many men away.  As the top matchmakers in New Jersey, we know there are many men in the dating scene who are afraid of commitment, no matter how much they care for a woman.

If you are seeing a great man who doesn’t want to commit, then you need to walk away.  But how do you know he is afraid of commitment?  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the signs of a commitment-phobe to help you decide your current situation.

new jersey singles reviews

1. He’s never had a long-term relationship.

If you find out the man you’re dating hasn’t had a long-term relationship, that’s fine if he’s young.  But if he’s older and has never been in a meaningful relationship, that’s a sign he’s afraid of commitment.  If his longest relationship lasted a month or two, that’s a sign you have a serious commitment-phobe on your hands.

Sure, as professional matchmakers, we know that relationships don’t always last.  But if he is older and has never had any kind of serious relationship, then that should throw up red flags and make you wonder why.  If he’s had an endless string of short-term relationships and flings, then that’s a cause for concern.  Try to dig deep and find out why he’s never had anything serious in the relationship department.

2. He likes the chase but not settling down.

For whatever reason, some men only like the chase and walk away once the relationship gets serious.  As matchmakers, we know that men are programmed for the thrill of the chase.  They love picking up attractive women at bars, going out with them, charming them, getting their digits, etc.—they love the early stages of a relationship when everything is exciting and fresh.  However, at some point, the relationship gets comfortable, which is when many men walk away.

Sure, the excitement can be brought back, but for many men it’s just not the same.  For some reason, they’re afraid of settling down with just one woman.  Commitment-phobes are afraid of settling in a relationship and walk away once the chase disappears.

3. He doesn’t like to be tied down.

If you really want to know if the man you’re seeing is afraid of commitment, take a closer look at his life.  Is he afraid to be tied down?  Does he continue to rent, not because he can’t afford to buy a house but because he wants to pick up at a moment’s notice?  Does he avoid buying a car because he likes to switch it up every year or so?  Commitment and settling down comes with a lot of benefits, but for some men that’s just not enough.

4. He changes when things start to get serious.

Men who are afraid of commitment start out charming and affectionate but change their behavior when the relationship gets more serious.  These are the type of men who will show up with a bouquet of flowers to charm you but quickly change once they have you.

Men who are afraid of commitment get spooked the second things start heading towards a serious relationship.  If you notice his attitude did a 180 for no apparent reason, then that could be the culprit.  Perhaps he likes the chase but wants nothing to do with getting serious.

5. He doesn’t want to get to know you better.

This might seem too simple, but it’s true.  If he really cares about you, then he will want to get to know you better.  If the man you’re seeing doesn’t care to know your interests, fears, goals, or passions, then he doesn’t want to get to know you.  During the early stages of your relationship he should’ve asked you plenty of questions to get to know you and talk about everything.  If he doesn’t know anything about you or doesn’t care to know, then he is terrified of commitment.

6. He sends mixed signals.

We said it many times before.  Men who are afraid of committing will send out mixed signals.  He knows exactly what to do to keep you interested and happy, but that’s it—that’s all he does.  When it comes to doing relationship-type things, he’s nowhere to be found.  You might notice that things go great for a while but all the sudden stop.  No, you didn’t do anything wrong—he just noticed things are getting serious and is pulling back.  He wants to keep you on the hook because he enjoys the benefits, but he doesn’t want to get too close because he knows that means a relationship.

7. He doesn’t want to put a label on things.

No one is saying that you need to define your relationship after a few dates, because that would be a little crazy.  However, if the two of you have been seeing each other for some time now, then you need to figure out where you stand.  A man who is afraid of commitment will be afraid to bring up the subject, and if you bring it up, he’ll switch it to something else.  Commitment-phobes are afraid to put a label on things and will hold on as long as they can.  If you have mentioned it to him many times and he doesn’t seem to want to put a label on the relationship, it’s time to cut him loose because he’s not going to commit to you.

There is nothing worse than falling for a man who seems interested but just won’t commit.  If you notice a few of these signs in the man you’re seeing, then it’s clear he is a commitment-phobe.  You don’t deserve to be strung along by a guy who has no intentions of settling down.

Are you ready to meet quality men in New Jersey who aren’t afraid of commitment?  Contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today and let us introduce you to relationship-minded men who are compatible with you.

New Jersey Singles Reviews 8 Great Signs You Found the One

It’s not easy being a single woman in today’s dating scene.  And if you’re like many single women in New Jersey, you already know that the longer you’re single, the harder it is to find love.  You have to keep putting yourself out there hoping to meet quality men who are compatible with you but with no luck in sight.

Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we know the NJ dating scene can be brutal for women; after all, not every man you meet has good intentions.  You go on a lot of dates hoping to find the one but are disappointed with each date and growing discouraged with the search for love.  You keep hoping that one day you’ll hit it off with someone until you finally do.  But after so many disappointments on your dating journey, now you don’t know if this is real or a figment of your imagination.

But don’t worry, because that’s where we come in.  Here at New Jersey Singles, our dating professionals know how to decipher if a man is good news or bad, and we’re here to teach you how to do the same.  So get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews the signs you finally found the one.

new jersey singles reviews

1. He’s Not a Man Child

This is a huge epidemic happening in the NJ dating scene: mature men who behave like babies.  We’re talking about the type of guy who lives at home with his mom and expects her to do everything for him.  He has a full-time job and earns a good income but still expects everyone to cater to him.

This guy doesn’t realize he’s old enough to live on his own and that he’s capable of looking after himself, and the worst part is that he doesn’t even care.  He is used to living this way and doesn’t want to change.  We hope this doesn’t sound like your guy.

2. He Is Funny

You really want to date a guy who is funny—and what woman doesn’t?  It is wonderful to finally meet a man who knows how to have a good time.  Your guy can turn your tears into laughter and smiles.  If he can turn an ugly day into a good one with his sense of humor, then he is the one.

He knows that life is meant to be lived to the fullest and doesn’t let anything get to him.  When you meet a man who is funny, we suggest you keep him, because they’re hard to find.

3. He Has a Big Heart

In today’s modern dating scene, it’s hard to find a man with a big heart.  Let’s face it, they certainly don’t make them like they used to.  Sure, at first every man seems great, but it’s after a few months of dating that his true colors come out.  If you have been dating for a while and he is still kindhearted to you like he was during the early stages of the relationship, then he is the one.

4. He Is Interesting

It’s hard to find men who have looks and brains, but if you have found a great guy that has a lot going on, then you found the one.  No woman on earth wants to date a boring man, no matter how attractive he is—and that’s a true fact.  You can never underestimate the importance of brains.  If the man you’re dating can talk to you for hours about anything and everything, then he is the one for you.

5. He Has Goals in Life

It’s awesome when you start dating a man who has many goals in life.  It’s great to see him work hard to achieve great things at work and watch him become a better person.  You have already dated lazy men with no goals, and now it’s time to enjoy sharing life with someone who is future-oriented.

He has many goals and dreams and inspires you to accomplish your own dreams and aspirations.  He isn’t happy sitting idle because he’s always trying to better himself.  Now, that’s attractive!

6. He’s Family-Oriented

Now, don’t get this one confused with a mama’s boy because that’s completely different.  You don’t want to date a man who is glued to his mom’s hip and can’t make his own decisions, but you do want to date one who is family-oriented.  Family-oriented men make for great partners because they value family.

Down the road, when the two of you decide to have children, you know you’ll be able to can count on him.  Family means everything to him now, so imagine how amazing he will be when the two of you start your own family together.

7. He’s Career-Oriented

It’s hard to date a man who doesn’t have a career.  Maybe you’ve already been there before and dated a man you had to support.  It is refreshing to date a man who not only has a good career but is always looking to advance.  He is always the one with the strongest work ethics, the one that dreams of one day being the boss.  When you describe him, the first thing you say is that he is career-oriented.

He doesn’t care if you have to work late either, because he knows how important your career is to you.  He doesn’t mind putting in extra hours on the weekend and he does whatever it takes to lead a good life.

8. He Has Hobbies & Interests

Have you ever dated a guy who had no hobbies and interests and did nothing but sit at home playing video games and watching TV?  Now, you already know firsthand just how boring that was and how much you loathed it.  Every time you tried to attend your yoga class, he tried to steal your joy by asking you to stay home with him.  He didn’t have hobbies and didn’t let you do yours.  But now you’re dating a man with hobbies and interest and couldn’t be happier.

He loves his hobbies and interests and doesn’t mind when you go do yours.  In fact, you share some of the same hobbies and enjoy doing them together.  The older you get, the more you realize the importance of having shared hobbies and interests, as well as hobbies of your own.

How many of these signs do you see in the man you’re dating?  If you don’t see any of these, then it’s time to dump him.  But don’t worry, you won’t be alone for long.  Here at New Jersey Singles, our expert matchmakers are passionate about helping single women like yourself meet men with all of the above qualities.  Don’t settle for less in love, let us introduce you to someone who will fulfill all of your expectations.

To find out more about New Jersey Singles, book your FREE one-on-one matchmaking consultation by filling out the private survey at the top of the page.  It’s time to join New Jersey’s #1 matchmaking service and date like you deserve!

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New Jersey Singles Reviews the Changes of Being Coupled Up

It’s funny how life changes when you’re in a relationship.  There is nothing wrong with being single and living your life, but when you enter a relationship, things change for the better.  Change is good, and it’s something you should never be afraid of in life.

Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we know how life changes when in a relationship.  Today we’re going to show you all the wonderful things that happen when you’re coupled up.

new jersey singles reviews

1. You develop a work/life balance.

The funny thing about getting into a relationship is that it makes you realize that you shouldn’t spend all of your time at work.  You need to pay attention to your partner and personal life as well.  You partner doesn’t want to be ignored, and you can’t blame them.  Once you enter a relationship, you develop a healthy balance between your personal life and relationship and your career.

It’s not that you’re saying goodbye to your hopes and dreams, but there is something else in life now that is just as important as those things.  When you’re in a relationship, you find a perfect work/life balance.  Sure, you still dedicate yourself to work some weekends and don’t skip on work commitments, but you might not be the first person to raise their hand when they offer overtime.

2. You love binge-watching a show.

When you’re in a relationship, you don’t always want to watch every show released on TV or every single show that streams on Netflix.  When you’re in a relationship, you focus more on a specific show because you want to curl up together after a long day at the office.

You can’t wait to slip into your comfy PJs and put your favorite show on.  The two of you have become so addicted to the show, storyline, and characters that you can’t imagine your life without it.  When people ask you what you’re up to nowadays, you laugh and tell them that you’ve just been binge-watching your new favorite show with your partner.

3. You love staying in.

Single people are never home, or at least it seems.  But once you find a partner, you never want to leave the house.  Sure, that might not always be true because you have things to do, like work, family get togethers, and social time with friends—and of course, you need fresh air once in a while.  But when you’re in a relationship, staying home the entire weekend doesn’t bother you.  Now, that’s exactly what you look forward to on the weekends—unwinding with the person you waited all week to see.

4. You think about the future a lot.

When you’re in a relationship, you really care about what the future entails.  You don’t have to be afraid of what it’s going to bring, because you have a partner by your side that will be there with you through it all.  You have met the greatest person in the world, and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them.  When you were single, you only made plans for the weekends.  But now that you’re in a relationship, you’re planning your future together.

When you’re in a relationship, you’ll start to talk about getting a place together, where you’re going to vacation next, and how many children you’ll have.  This excitement for the future is one of the best parts of being in a relationship.

5. You’re always busy.

There is something funny that happens when you’re in a relationship, especially if you haven’t been in one for a while.  You want to do everything with your new partner, and you want to do it NOW.  You want to explore the world with them or just sit at home and watch TV all the time.

When the weekend rolls around, you want to do something new together or explore one of the other’s interests.  Now, you’re more welcome to the idea of going on a winetasting tour, you might take up running because your partner goes on daily runs, or you might want to explore new cuisines that your partner suggests.  You are so excited to spend your life with this person that you would try just about anything with them.

6. You eat a lot more.

Okay, it’s no secret that couples tend to gain a little extra weight, especially when they’re comfortable and settled beyond the excitement and thrill of the honeymoon stage.  Hey, you no longer have to impress them, so instead of ordering salads, you go for the extra-large pizza for two, right?

It’s not that you no longer care about your health or your figure, but you know your partner loves you regardless, even with a few extra pounds on the side.

When you were single, you probably led a healthy and active lifestyle; after all, you had nothing but an empty house to go home to and the gym didn’t sound so bad.  But now that you’re in a comfy relationship, healthy food choices and gym sessions tends to get put on the backburner.  Now you’re not thinking about impressing someone but rather enjoying your time together, which includes eating out more, ordering in, and trying new things together.  No one can blame you, since everyone goes this stage.

7. You check out new places together.

When you’re in a relationship, the whole world is your playground and you have someone to experience it with.  That means no more traveling all by yourself.   Now you have someone by your side.  When you’re in a relationship, you start to rack up a lot of frequent flyer miles; after all, this new relationship makes you want to get out and explore new places and cultures.

Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this is one of the most wonderful parts of being in a relationship.  After all, life is meant to be lived to the fullest.  Sure, you might miss your single status every now and then, but nothing beats traveling the world with your partner.

What’s interesting about being in a relationship is that things that used to matter when you were single don’t matter quite so much, because now you have other priorities, like spending quality time with your partner and nurturing your relationship.

If you want to find a relationship that will change your life for the better, contact our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today so we can help you find the man or woman you’re meant to be coupled up with for good!  Fill out the confident survey at the top of the page or call 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve your FREE one-on-one matchmaking consultation today!



New Jersey Singles Reviews 10 Signs You’re Dating a Keeper

Because we live in a hookup culture, finding the right man can be very difficult, especially if you’re serious about dating and settling down.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult.  We know the last thing you want to do is kiss another frog, right?  Still, if you want to find love, you need to be patient.

And while women are not known for being patient, that’s exactly what you must be to find Mr. Right.  But if you don’t want to waste your time with the wrong guy, you’re at the right place.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the top 10 ways to know he’s a keeper.

We have rounded up the telltale signs that will tell you if he’s worthy of your time, or if he’s another frog that needs tossed back to the NJ dating pond.


1. He Respects You

You know he is the one when he shows you respect.  As a woman, you deserve to be respected by every man.  He should acknowledge your choices and respect your opinions, and if he doesn’t, he’s just another frog.

He will believe that you’re capable of handling your own, even if he disagrees with you from time to time.  He will give you his advice, not because he thinks his is better than yours, but because he respects and cares about you.

2. He Takes Care of You

As a mature and independent woman, we know that you’re capable of taking care of yourself, but if the man you’re dating is a keeper, he should make you feel like the most loved and cared for woman in the world.

He will surprise you with little things and go out of his way to spoil you like a princess.  If he does this for no reason, then you know he’s a keeper and should hang on to him.

3. He Devotes Time to You

He makes time for you, not because he wants something from you but because he actually wants to spend time with you.  He ensures that no matter how busy his schedule is, he always makes time for you.  He knows that you deserve his time, and he wants you to know that you’re special.

He will also let you know that if you ever need him, he is only a phone call away.  Now, if he does all this for you, he’s clearly letting you know you’re a priority in his life.  He genuinely loves you and is making you know you are his number one asset.

4. He Loves Everything About You

He loves everything about you, including your weird hobbies, not so funny jokes, and all your little quirks.  He also finds it beautiful when you wear no makeup and loves everything you don’t love about yourself.

He is always patient when you’re down and out and is by your side to comfort you when you need it the most.  He stays with you when you’re sick at home and cheers you up when you’re feeling blue.  He also mentions how he wants to do this for the rest of his life.

5. His Future Plans Include You

You know your boyfriend is a keeper when his future plans include you.  Now, we are not talking about weekend plans, we’re talking about the future.

He is not afraid to admit how many of his future plans include you.  He knows you’re going to be a part of his life forever, and he doesn’t just say the words, he actually follows through with actions.

6. He Listens to Everything You Say

After dating so many frogs, you probably know all too well that they can’t listen.  However, a keeper will listen to everything you have to say.  He will give you his undivided attention and hang on to every word that comes out of your mouth.

Whether it’s the way you love your coffee in the morning or the childhood stories you tell, he remembers everything you mention to him.

He even recalls when you mention something in passing or that your little brother’s middle name is Albert.  When he sees or hears something that reminds him of you, he sends you a short text message letting you know.

7. He’s Always in Touch

No matter how many projects he has at work, he always finds time to call you and see how you’re doing.  He also ensures that you always know where he’s at and what he’s doing to prevent you from wondering.  He stays in contact throughout the day, even if it is a simple text message.

8. He Makes You Feel Special

He doesn’t just invite you over for Netflix and chill type dates.  He takes you out on real dates and spoils you like a princess.  In the case that he can’t take you out, he ensures that you still connect with one another, even if it’s a cozy dinner in front of the fireplace at home.

He never forgets how to be chivalrous.  From the day he met, he’s always been chivalrous.  He opens the doors for you, shows up with flowers, and always makes you feel special.

9. He Is Consistent

He does all the things we mentioned above and always in a consistent manner.  He loves you, and that’s just the way he is.  You found yourself a keeper.

10. He’s a Keeper – Hold on to Him!

Finding a keeper in today’s hookup world is very difficult to do, so if you have found a man with all the quality our expert matchmakers mentioned above, never let him go.  Make sure you reciprocate your love for him and appreciate him just as much as he does you.

On the flipside, if you don’t see any of the signs we gave you above, then you don’t have a keeper.  Stop wasting your time with this guy.

There are a lot of frogs in the NJ dating scene, making it very difficult to find Prince Charming.  Don’t be afraid to throw the frog back in the pond.  It’s better to begin a new relationship than to stay with someone who’s not right for you.

Are you ready to meet a keeper?  Do you want to find Mr. Right?  Contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today and let us assist you on your search.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your FREE consultation to get started today!

New Jersey Singles Reviews the Ultimate First Date Tips

First dates can be tricky.  If it’s with a handsome stranger your friend set you up with, things can get awkward if the vibe isn’t right.  But if it’s a good friend you just got close to, who knows?  Maybe things will work out.  Since everyone is different and no two situations are the same, there is no secret formula to having a good first date.

Our professional matchmakers and dating coaches here at New Jersey Singles know firsthand that figuring out how to act and say the right things is difficult, and the success of the first date relies on many different things.  But don’t worry, because in our many years of helping singles in New Jersey, we’ve learned a few things about making first dates a success.

We believe that a good way to define a successful first date is if you feel good about yourself, if you had a good experience, and if you learned something from your date.  It is important to see every date as a learning experience as you search for the one.  So get ready, as New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate ways to have a successful first date.

new jersey singles reviews

1. Define Your Dating Goals

Before your date even takes place, ask yourself this question: what do you consider a successful first date?

For many, it’s having a good time, while for others it’s landing a kiss or sealing the deal for a second date.  A great date could simply be making a strong connection with someone or having sparks flying.  You need to determine what constitutes a great date for you.

2. Don’t Make a Big Deal Out of It

Here at New Jersey Singles, we want you to keep dating light and easy.  Don’t make a big, over-the-top deal about it.  Take each date as a learning experience, and it will make dating easier on you.  Always pick something you will both enjoy to ensure comfort and easy conversation.  If you hate the outdoors, don’t say yes to a two-hour hiking expedition in the mountains.  First dates are much more enjoyable when both people are having fun.

3. Practice Self-Care

Before any first date, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers want you to do something that makes you feel happy and confident.  The state of mind you’re in before the big date will determine how it goes.  Whether that is talking to your friends or going to the gym, do something that makes you feel good and positive inside.

4. Let Your Guard Down a Little

Remember that this is just a date.  Feeling tense is understandable, but realize that you’re not the only one feeling this way.  Your date most likely feels the same way as you.  Relax, let your guard down a little, and have a good time.

5. Have an Open-Mind

Don’t immediately write someone off because they don’t look the way you’ve always imagined your Mr. or Mrs. Right in your head.  Our dating coaches here at New Jersey Singles want you to be open to the possibility of something new.  You just never know who “the one” will be!

6. Keep the Date Short

An ideal first date should not be longer than an hour or so.  This will ensure to keep the mystery and leave both of you wanting more.  The exception is if the two of you are having a great time, then you can extend the date and keep it going.

7. Don’t Bombard Them with Questions

This isn’t a job interview, so don’t play 21 questions.  The first date is a time to get to know each other, not grill each other like an interrogation.  You can look for clues to see if the person is okay with what you’re asking them, but if they don’t look comfortable and engaged, switch the subject.

8. Show Your Interest

If you really like the person sitting across from you, then show them your interest in the.  Follow up with questions and show your interest by smiling, laughing, and responding appropriately.

9. Know the Signs

How do you know if your date is having fun?  Look for laughter, strong eye contact, and comfort.  Are they open to touch?  These are all great signs that you’re doing something right and your date is having fun.

10. Know That No First Date Is Perfect

There will be moments when conversation gets awkward, food spills, or a joke isn’t all that funny.  Give yourself the right to be imperfect, because if you chase perfection, you’re going to spoil your date.  Nobody is perfect, cut yourself some slack.

11. Focus on the Experience

Forget the idea that your next first date is going to turn into “the one.”  The whole purpose of dating is to have fun and get to know new people.  First dates are about two people coming together, connecting, and hopefully continuing to see one another.

12. Always Be Honest

If you really had a good time with them, there is no point in keeping it to yourself.  And if you don’t want to see them again, you want to do the same.  The danger with dating is pretending to be someone you’re not.  Reel them in, get in a relationship, then reveal your true colors… Not so fast, that is not the approach you want to take!  You want to be open and honest from the beginning, and never pretend to be someone you’re not.

You can never be in control of how the other person will act or feel, but you can be in control of yourself.  You can choose to be open-minded, show your best qualities, and most importantly, have fun.  Are you ready to go on the best first date of your life?  Do you want to meet genuine singles in New Jersey who are looking for a relationship?  Contact our dating coaches and matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles and let us help you find your ideal partner.

Fill out the private form at the top of the page to book your no-obligation, complimentary matchmaking consultation with one of our personal matchmakers today.  Let us do the hard part of dating for you, leaving you to show up and enjoy meeting compatible singles who are a great fit for you. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 today to book your FREE consultation to get started!

New Jersey Singles Dating Service | How to Keep Busy after a Breakup

Instead of wasting your time away feeling sorry for yourself, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers have some helpful tips to keep you busy after your breakup.

Breaking up is never fun, and it can often seem like your whole world has come crashing down. It doesn’t matter if you are the one who broke things off or you are the one who was dumped, you are bound to feel pain no matter the situation.

Most people tend to stop living their lives after a breakup; they end up sulking their days away feeling sorry for themselves. But instead of giving into your emotions and being depressed every day, you should embrace the new you and the new chapter you are embarking on.

new jersey singles complaints

How to Keep Busy after Your Breakup

If you’re experiencing a difficult breakup and feel like you’re stuck in a rut, New Jersey Singles matchmakers have some helpful tips to keep you busy.

1. Start a Workout Regiment

Remember the time before you were in a relationship? Remember your single life before you started dating that person? You were probably proactive about keeping up with your appearances because you wanted to look good for potential suitors, right? Of course you were.

But when you finally got into a relationship, you probably got comfortable with your looks, began ordering pizza deliveries and started spending more time on the couch while neglecting your workouts and everyday routines. Don’t worry, everyone has been there. But now that you’re single again, it’s time to start working out again so you can feel great. Now, you need to be the best version you can be.

Leave the pizzas in the past, put down those tempting pints of ice-cream, and head to your local gym. Go for a walk, go bicycling, or take a fitness class after work. The whole point is to get back on your feet and get fit again.

2. Let a Good Cry Out

After a breakup, it feels good to dwell and sulk for a little, and that’s fine. The thing is not to let yourself dwell and sulk for too long.

Let the waterworks come down, cry for as long as you want and let it all out. Be sure to play all the sad songs you want during this time and eat your favorite chocolate or desserts and enjoy it, because it will be your last time doing it.

Round up all those deep emotions you have built up, and once you have cried it all out, it’s time to move on. Get a hot shower and put the pity party in the past because it’s time to bring the old you back again.

3. Try Something New

Have you always wanted to try horseback riding? Have you been thinking of trying a pottery class? What about that hot yoga class all your friends have been telling you about? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to ride a horse yet or can’t even touch your toes, what matters is that you’re going to give it a try. Grab your best friend and go. Whatever it takes to get you out of your house and into the real world, do it.

Learning something new might be intimidating, but it’s also rewarding. Not only will you meet new people, but you will surprise yourself in ways you probably didn’t even know. Plus, you’ll end up learning a new skill that will impress the next person you date.

4. Travel

Traveling is relaxing; it’s exciting and reminds you of all the things the world has to offer you. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself in your room, get out and travel. If you always wanted to go to Europe or go on an African safari, there is no better time than now.

Stop thinking your life has come to an end, that you’ll never find someone new, or that you’ll never get married. Go and see the world and all it has to offer.

5. Press Delete

You probably aren’t going to like this one, but you must delete your ex from any type of social media account. All those late night stalking sessions you’ve been doing lately must come to an end. Why? Because it isn’t healthy.
Yes, it might seem harsh to disconnect completely from your ex, but it’s something you need to do in order to get over them.

6. Write a Diary

If you have a lot of feelings and thoughts about your ex, the best thing you can do is write them on paper and let them all out. This doesn’t mean you need to write the next bestselling novel, but it does help to let it all out with pen and paper.

One day you’ll realize just how silly you were being over that failed relationship, and you’ll realize that things were just not meant to be.

7. Spoil Yourself

Yes, we know materialistic things won’t cure your broken heart. But we all know that getting a mani and pedi, changing your hairstyle, and buying new clothes will definitely help you feel better for the time being.

Call up a few of your friends and go on a shopping spree and buy all the things you know you deserve, things that are going to make you feel better. Whether it’s shopping, a day at the spa, or barhopping, the point is to do something you are going to enjoy. Guys, don’t overlook this one because it will help you too. Get your car detailed, buy some new threads, or try a new hairstyle, trust us, you’ll feel better too.

Here at New Jersey Singles, we know a breakup isn’t the end of the world. It’s time you keep busy and learn to live again. If you use our helpful tips for fixing your broken heart and keeping busy, it will definitely speed up the healing process and you’ll soon be ready to welcome love again.

Once you’re ready to welcome love into your life again, contact our professional matchmakers and let us help you find your Mr. or Mrs. Right!

How to Be a True Lady with New Jersey Singles Dating Service

Bar fights, jealous outbreaks, backstabbing, and gossiping? Do you think that’s what a true woman is? Absolutely not. Today, New Jersey Singles Dating Service will teach you how to be a true lady.

Have you ever seen a woman walk into a room with a nice grace and her head held high and proud? A woman who is kind and vulnerable, yet able to hold her own? A women who is courageous yet humble at the same time? A woman that as soon as you laid eyes on her you knew she was a true lady?

Half naked women have become mainstream in today’s society. We are forced to stare at photoshopped images of what people call beauty. We read articles daily on how women become so popular for acting a fool. Women who are using drugs, throwing temper tantrums, and being belligerent… But is that what mean really want? And better yet, is that what women want to be? Absolutely not.

People might be attracted to someone outrageous, but here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we know the reality. The truth is, men want someone who is kindhearted, humble, and charismatic. Sure, a man might be lured into a relationship with a crazy woman because of her sex appeal, but he will fall head over heels for one who is stable and in control of her life.

Read on to find out how to be a true lady in a modern world.


1. You Must Be Polite

The truth is, chivalry is not going out of style, and if you expect it from a man, then the least you can do as a woman is be polite to him. If you have to let a man down, do it in a polite way. It isn’t nice to walk all over someone’s emotions, no matter what they’ve done. Always act as who you truly want to be and how you want them to perceive you. Don’t let a small situation define who you are. Rise above it and be polite.

Always say please and thank you when out with a man, and give compliments when fit. Go out of your way to thank someone who has helped you out and always reply to messages. Now, you don’t necessarily have to respond the first second you get them, but even if your reply is short, we want you to make one.

2. Know When to Say No

A true lady doesn’t agree with things she doesn’t believe in. She stands for her values and morals. Respect is gained when someone defends something they stand for, all while acknowledging that others think differently.
This applies solely to peer pressure. People think they must do something to be accepted, but if you don’t stand for it, then you don’t have to do it. Always remember that a true lady is loved and respected for who she is, not for trying to fit in.

3. Don’t Agree with Everything

A true lady doesn’t do things to please others, unless it’s something she really wants to do on her own. She doesn’t give up her time just to please someone.

4. Give Back to Others

There is something about a woman who is able to stand on her feet yet provide for others, someone who isn’t needy, someone who doesn’t give to someone to get something back but rather chooses to give to someone because it makes her feel good. The most renowned ladies today participate in charities. When people give selflessly, there is something about them that makes them stand out. Being selfless gives people a glow. Selfless people give and do things because of the pure pleasure of seeing someone else happy. They do it because they want to change the world.

5. Don’t Criticize Others

Gossip might be the all the latest craze, but that doesn’t make it right. A true lady, even if she dislikes someone, doesn’t spend her time criticizing and discussing them. Rather, she goes on with her normal life like it doesn’t even bother her. She doesn’t go around town spreading gossip, nor does she try to humiliate someone. A true lady doesn’t need to put others down in order to boost herself up. She already knows what she is and knows her own value, and that’s what you need to do too.

4. Follows Through on Her Word

A lot of people in today’s world are very flaky. Being hard to get is what women call it, but here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we call it playing games. There is something nice about a woman who follows through with her word, a woman who has a life, someone who sticks to what she says. If you want to be a classy lady, you must show people you’re reliable and trustworthy.

5. The Ability to Have a Discussion without an Argument

Catfights might seem like the newest trend, a lady, though, never raises her voice. She is able to hold her own without having to yell. She listens to what others have to say and doesn’t just scream to get her point across. She doesn’t let herself get bullied into agreeing with something she doesn’t believe and always stands firm in her decisions.

6. Don’t Be Afraid of Being Wrong

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone comes short sometimes, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. A true lady is able to smile at those mistakes. She is happy in her own skin and owns up to every mistake she makes.

7. Know How to Listen

A true lady doesn’t speak over others, nor does she interrupt them when they’re talking. She listens to what people have to say and understands their point of view. When others talk, she’s not just waiting for her turn. She is finding out what others are saying first, then tastefully responding. She is curious as to what others have to say because she wants to learn.

8. Don’t Play Games

A lady knows how much to give to a man to keep him wanting more. She doesn’t play dating games. She simply gets a man to woo her and watches to see if he is the right candidate. She does a little teasing, but never gives in until she knows he is worth it for a serious relationship.

Are you a true lady? Do you want to be one? Either way, hopefully this article from our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service helped you get on the right track.

If you’re looking to meet quality men who are a good fit for you, contact our matchmakers today to set up a complimentary consultation.

Gain That Spark Back With New Jersey Singles Dating Service

Is your relationship losing its spark? Or maybe it’s already gone? Today, expert matchmakers from New Jersey Singles Dating Service will finally put an end to your dating complaints and help you bring the spark back to your romantic life!

When your relationship starts losing the spark it once had, it might not be because you don’t have time for each other. It’s actually because the two of you aren’t doing fun things like you used to. When relationships are new and fresh, they start out fun because both lovers just want to please each other by doing fun things. But somewhere along the way, most partners start overlooking the little things and end up in relationships that are boring and dull.

If you are in that stage right now, and you’re tired of just complaining about it and ready to do something about it, our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service have some helpful advice for you.

Why the Spark Gets Lost in a Relationship

The main reason the spark gets lost in a relationship is because the two partners start taking each other for granted. One partner will stop doing nice things for the other and the other will eventually do the same. Life will go on normally because neither partner feels the need to impress the other. The relationship will keep on going until one day you both realize there isn’t any fun or excitement in your relationship; that fun and excitement has completely disappeared.

The relationship is now completely boring and there isn’t anything exciting left to do. But relationships are supposed to be fun, no matter what stage you’re in. Both of you need to start doing nice things again, like you did at the early stages of your relationship. You should never take each other for granted and now is the time to make some changes.

How to Bring the Spark Back after It’s Lost

The spark in your relationship might be gone, but it’s not gone for good. You have the choice to bring it back if you choose to. But you need to remember that you are going to have to put in efforts if you want to bring it back. Bringing back the spark can be fun, and it will make you feel like a kid again.

Follow these simple steps from our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service and you’ll be well on your way to bringing the spark back.

1. Make Time for Each Other

If you want something to change, you have to start small. The first thing you need to do is learn to make time for each other. It isn’t just about sleeping together or living together; it’s about bonding and sharing fun things.
Schedule a few hours of fun weekly, some time to bond and catch up. Whether it’s watching a movie or going to your favorite restaurants, don’t forget to schedule time with each other.

2. Communicate with Each Other

Don’t give up on each other. Trust us, it is the biggest mistake you can commit in your relationship. Making time for each other is your first step, and communication follows right behind it. Talk to each other without sugarcoating anything. If there is something you don’t like about your partner, tell them right away. And likewise, listen to what your partner is telling you and try to change for the better.

3. Don’t Bring Worries to Bed

Don’t ever bring your worries to the bedroom. And that includes your iPhone or iPad, which is a big mistake many people do. When you get to this step, make sure you go to your room without any distractions that will prevent you from talking to your partner. You might not have many things to talk about, but as night passes, both of you will start talking to each other and communicating in a better way. And the more you open up, the more you’ll have to share.

4. Get in Shape

This sucks, we know, but it’s something you need to do. Most couples let themselves go downhill after they’ve been in a long term relationship or marriage. They stop dressing up and no longer care. If you are that person, stop today and make a change.

How would you take care of your appearance if you were single today? How would you get ready to go on a first date? Just how much effort would you put into your looks? A lot, right?

Do you make the same efforts for someone who loves you like your partner? The truth is, you probably don’t. But why is that? Do you think your partner deserves to look at you sit around in those raggedy clothes of yours? Your hair looking like a mess? Probably not. Admit it, the truth is, you’re just taking each other for granted, and it’s time to put an end to that.

You need to try to impress your partner and win their appreciation. Look good, dress well, and most importantly, be healthy and get fit.

5. Surprise Them

Romantic gestures in your relationship might have been forgotten, but now it’s time to bring them back. If you want to bring the spark back to your relationship, you must start somewhere, and gifts are a perfect place to start.

Do you remember how you did nice things for your partner at the early stages of your relationship? Why would you stop now? Is it because it’s easier to bum around the couch instead of walking down to the local flower shop and buying them a nice bouquet of roses? You need to make efforts to woo each other and surprise them. It doesn’t matter if the surprise is little, it’s the thought that counts.

The spark might have fizzled out in your relationship, but here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we know that with just a little bit of effort you can bring it back! Try using these 5 simple tips from our matchmakers and you’ll be well on your way to bringing the spark back, bringing you closer to each other in no time.