New Jersey Singles Reviews What Not to Do Before a 1st Date

Just like a job interview, a first date can be very nerve-wracking: you’re expected to look good, answer questions quickly, then answer some more, be on your best behavior, and charm them into wanting to go on a second date with you. As professional matchmakers in New Jersey, we know that first dates are a lot of pressure and can result in getting worked up and over-prepared, which can lead to many disasters—from looking like a carrot from getting a spray tan to having an itchy red face from trying a new facial cream for the first time. To avoid these dating mishaps, we’re here to help you out.

Get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews the top four things to avoid doing before a big first date.

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1. Wearing New Heels or Too High of Heels

Who doesn’t love a new set of heels, especially tall ones? However, five-plus inch heels can be a hassle to break in and very dangerous for a first date. Plus, many men find women who wear too high of a heel to be too high maintenance.

To avoid that stereotype, don’t wear five-plus inch heels. Not only will you avoid looking high maintenance, but you’ll also avoid tripping and falling from wearing a new set of high heels.

2. Doing Too Much Research on Your Date

In attempts to keep the conversation flowing, you might be inclined to do a little research in advance. Hey, we’ve all been there! But as matchmakers, we urge you not to do this.

Yes, we know that everyone has a social media account, and all you need to do is Google their name to find it. But think about how you’re going to come off if you start mentioning things your date never told you, like where they want to high school, their best friend’s name, their favorite restaurant, or even their pet’s name. Can we say stalker? Don’t go there.

3. Using a New Teeth Whitening System

Everyone knows that smiling a lot during a first date is a sign of interest, something you want to feel comfortable doing. If your teeth are yellow or stained, you might be thinking about brightening up your smile right before the date with an at-home kit. But it’s never recommended you do this right before a date. Why? Because it can make your teeth super sensitive, or so white they glow in the dark… Come on, now, you remember Ross on Friends, right? Yikes!

4. Putting Too Much Pressure on Yourself

As professional matchmakers, we know how nerve-wracking first dates can be. There are a lot of questions being asked, lots of nerves, and trying to figure out if you’re compatible with each other. This can cause a lot of pressure to perform well in order to have them like you. No one likes to feel like a reject, but putting too much pressure on yourself can also backfire.

We don’t want you to put so much pressure on yourself that you forget how to have a good time. Instead, just breathe and relax and focus on all your good qualities. This will relieve the unnecessary pressure and allow you to present yourself in the best possible way.

Avoid first date disasters by steering clear of the four things our matchmakers showed you above. First dates are already nerve-wracking enough, so don’t add to your stress.

If you’re having a hard time finding dates on your own, that’s what our matchmakers are here for. We are passionate about helping singles like yourself get into meaningful relationships. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve your FREE, no-obligation matchmaking consultation and start meeting quality singles in NJ today!

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