New Jersey Singles Reviews What Men Should Wear on Dates

To a lot men, fashion is very important. Looking good comes second nature to them.

Some women say they don’t care. However, everyone knows that’s a lie. When a woman sees a man, she will scan him from head to toe to see what he’s wearing. Women want to see if he’s wearing nice shoes, if he has nice clothes, and if he’s well put together. So, if a guy goes on a first date looking like he’s wearing pajamas, well, odds are that she will assume he’s unemployed and lazy.

Will there be a second date? Probably not. And we know why.

To help you secure a second date and impress her, our New Jersey matchmakers have a few first date dressing pointers for you.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews what to wear on a first date.


1. Figure out what type of date it is.

Is this a casual date, or are you taking her to an upscale restaurant? You need to dress appropriately for the occasion. Of course, if you’re having a picnic at the park, you don’t need to wear a blazer and slacks.

But with that being said, you don’t want to look like you threw on some shorts and an old T and ran out the door. So, look at the type of the date you’re going. Then, narrow down the style you want to achieve for the date.

2. Wear nice shoes.

This may sound ridiculous, but it’s true. The shoes are everything. Your shoes say everything about you, and they’re one of the most subtle signs of your personality. Will she look at your shoes? You better believe she will.

You don’t need expensive shoes, but make sure your shoes are clean. If they look like they’ve been run over by a car, perhaps you need a new pair.

3. Leave the funny shirts at home.

You may think wearing a Sponge Bob shirt is hilarious, and it probably was when you were twelve. If you’re not twelve, then don’t wear one. It’s not funny anymore. That being said, any funny shirt should be left at home.

Come on, if you walk into any place to meet your date for the first time, you better have an amazing personality to pull that off. Because you’re going to need it.

4. Simple is better.

Keep your outfit simple. Of course, it depends on where you’re going on your date and the season; however, needless to say, you want to keep things simple. Jeans, slacks, a sweater, long sleeve shirt, or plain t-shirt. Keep the colors simple too.

5. Take it easy with the cologne.

Yes, you love this new cologne, but how do you know she will? Or better yet, does she have any allergies to perfumes? That would be a great disaster on a first date. For sure, spritz yourself with cologne and use some aftershave, but don’t go over the top with the cologne.

6. Be hygienic.

The last thing you want is the girl to start wondering about your personal hygiene. That isn’t a good sign. Your personal hygiene shouldn’t even be a thought in her mind when she sees you. So, make sure you’re showered, shaved and have your hair style. It only takes a few minutes, but it makes a huge impact on your date.

Are you ready to rock your first date? Use these helpful dressing pointers from our New Jersey Singles matchmakers and go on your date with style and confidence.

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