New Jersey Singles Reviews Ways to Get Him to Leave You Alone

It’s happened to many women. We meet a guy whom we think is attractive, intelligent, and charming, and start talking to him on a regular basis. We may even go out on a few dates with him. Yet, after getting to know him a little better, we start to realize that he’s not what he seemed.

Either we find out some disturbing facts about him, or he starts giving off a vibe that he might not be quite right in the head. Pretty soon, we start to wish we would have never met him, and we’d do just about anything to get away from him – the only problem is, he’s always around.

He always seems to be hanging around, and it’s gotten to the point that telling him to get lost could get him angry and make him do something stupid.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews three great ways to get a creepy guy to back off and leave you alone.

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1. Tell him that you’re not interested in a nice way.

If you just find the guy to be creepy, and not exactly threatening, then be honest with him. Tell him that he’s a good guy but you’re not interested in him in a romantic way.

If he asks why, point to some significant differences between the two of you, such as the fact that you enjoy sports and he doesn’t, or that you like to party and he likes to stay at home. He may ask if you can still be friends, but to duck out of that, you could tell him that you would feel awkward continuing a friendship after knowing how he feels about you.

2. Stop returning his calls or text messages.

When a creepy guy’s not 100% obsessed with you, or is after other girls too, you may not have to deliver the speech we wrote above. Instead, you may be able to slowly fade away.

The first thing you need to do is to stop returning his calls and text messages – even if you’re bored. Why? Because responding to him will make him hold on to any hope he has that you may be interested in him, so if you stop doing that, he will lose sight of that hope.

3. Block him on social media.

Along with not returning his calls or texts, the next thing you need to do is block him on social media. If you feel like blocking is too harsh, and you think he’s fairly harmless, at least delete him.

Keeping him on all your social media accounts will just give him the feeling that you two still have some sort of connection, whether it’s personal or even professional, and that it’s acceptable for him to contact you.

If you’ve been struggling to get rid of a guy you’re not interested in, follow these simple tactics and you should be free of him soon.

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