New Jersey Singles Reviews Top Tips to Stop Missing Your Ex

Missing someone can be an extremely painful experience. Are you thinking about what he’s doing today? Staring at his photo while a tear rolls down your face? Casually – we mean, obsessively – checking out his Instagram account? Wailing, the miss-my ex-boyfriend-cry?

We know you can’t help it. It’s your emotions getting the best of you – it’s the memories and everything rolled up together. But somehow you need to find a way to move on and put him behind you for good.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews some effective ways to stop missing your ex and move on with your life.

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1. Confront your negative feelings.

You are never going to be able to forget your ex unless you come to terms with all the negativity in your life. You need to be able to own up to the fact that you’re not in an ideal state right now when it comes to your feelings and emotions.

It’s only when you acknowledge a problem that you are able to address it. So come to face to face with all your negative feelings so that you can eventually overcome them. If you keep pushing your feelings aside, you’ll never be able to heal and move on.

2. Try to rationalize your feelings.

Try to really understand how you feel and why you have come to feel the way you do. Of course, you get the feelings of loss and nostalgia. You feel like you miss the relationship you used to have with your ex. You feel like you miss the feeling of being in love. Or you might even really be missing your partner himself.

Whatever the case, you need to let your feelings out if you’re going to gain power over them. You need to really understand what is it that you’re feeling so you can deal with it head-on and heal your broken heart.

3. Put your feelings in writing.

Write your feelings on a piece of paper, but don’t make the mistake of sending it to your ex. In fact, the whole point of the exercise is for you to come to terms for how you feel. So whether you actually send the letter is irrelevant. You just have to be brave enough to try to structure your thoughts and put your feelings down on paper. Really think about how you feel and take the time to figure out how you’re going to move past these feelings of nostalgia you are feeling today.

4. Distract yourself with positive things.

Sometimes, the easiest way to get rid of those negative feelings is to shun them. Yes, it’s not good to just leave your feelings bottled up inside. But you can’t let all of the negativity consume you either. You must be able to continue living your life the way you want to live it.

And it all starts with you finding the strength to do things that make you happy. Just because you miss your ex doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun in your life. It can be very healthy for you to immerse yourself in positive things like exercise or hanging out with friends. Get out of your house and do the things you love to do and watch how much better you start feeling in no time.

If you’ve been feeling down and out about your ex, use these simple tips from our matchmakers and watch how much your outlook on life changes. With the holidays among us, it’s not easy to be happy and jolly when we’re missing an ex, but as long as you deal with your emotions and keep yourself busy, we know you’ll get through these tough times.

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