New Jersey Singles Reviews Top 6 Tips for Meeting His Family

Do you remember the movie “Meet the Parents,” where Ben Stiller met his girlfriend’s parents for the first time? Although the chances of something like that happening to you are slim to none, first encounters with your boyfriend’s family can definitely be scary. Before heading out to meet them, you want to read this blog so you know what mistakes to avoid. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the biggest mistakes to avoid when meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time.

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1. Being Too Clingy

You might not know anyone in the room, but never cling to your boyfriend the entire time. You need to give him some space so he can talk to his family and introduce you in the conversation, as well. Following behind him or staying glued to his hip tells everyone you’re nervous and lends the wrong impression of you. It will make you look needy or uninterested in getting to know his family. Yes, we know you’re nervous since you don’t know anyone in the room but try to break out of your comfort zone and get to know his family.

2. Being Too Passive

It might be intimidating being around his family for the first time but try not to be the passive girlfriend. This is a quick way of getting weeded out, especially if his family has high standards. Find a happy medium when it comes to interacting with his parents. Remember that they’re checking you out and seeing how you measure up. You want to be approachable and friendly without being a pushover. You already won your boyfriend over, trust us, his parents will fall in love with you too.

3. Discussing the Future Too Soon

Talking over plans about your future wedding might not be your best conversation starter if you’re just meeting his parents for the first time. His family wants to get to know you, but they don’t want to hear about your wedding plans for the future just yet. It’s great that you and your boyfriend have a wonderful connection, but don’t discuss the future right now. When the time is right, and your relationship is evolving and growing stronger, you can definitely talk about marriage and children. But right now is not the time. You’re just getting acquainted with his family, so keep the conversation light.

4. Dressing Poorly

Remember who you’re meeting today. You’re not going to the club with the gals – you must dress to impress. You must dress appropriately for the occasion. Modesty goes a long way here. You might be used to showing skin round your man, but you never want to do that with his parents. You can dress up if you’re going to a nice restaurant, and dress conservatively if you’re having a dinner at their home. Whatever you do, keep it classy.

5. Going Emptyhanded

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when going to meet his parents for the first time is showing up emptyhanded. Remember that you’re trying to win his parents over, so bringing a little gift is a great way to do it. That’s right, it always helps to bring something, especially if you’re going to their home. Of course, you don’t have to buy an expensive necklace for mom – you can keep it simple. Flowers or a bottle of wine will do the trick here, ladies.

6. Being on Your Phone

Nothing turns people off faster than someone being on their phone all the time. You need to turn your phone off, keep it on silent, or keep it in your purse. Don’t sit there taking pictures of your meal or get caught browsing your social media accounts. Unless you’re a doctor on call, you need to keep your phone away. Nothing screams “I’m rude” like being on your phone when you should be conversing and interacting with someone.

As relationship milestones go, meeting your boyfriend’s parents is a major one. Make sure you avoid these six mistakes when you meet your boyfriend’s folks for the first time. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll do just fine, trust us!

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