New Jersey Singles Reviews Signs Your Partner is Unbalanced

Over time, your wonderful boyfriend has started to show signs that he might not have it all together like you thought he did.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews major warning signs your boyfriend is unbalanced.

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1. He doesn’t show his emotions.

You’re constantly trying to guess what he’s feeling because he’s incredible hard to read. Instead of wearing his heart on his sleeve, it’s tucked away inside his shirt. Perhaps it’s a fear of vulnerability. He thinks that if he shows who he is, he could be rejected so he holds his emotions really close, away from contact with others.

2. He needs to constantly showcase his achievements.

When he does something he is proud of, he will tell everyone. It’s showcased on his Facebook wall, Instagram, and anywhere he can possibly post it. There’s nothing inherently wrong with being excited about your life accomplishments. It just might spell trouble when someone is obsessed with sharing and they draw their self-worth from it.

3. He lets his anger get the best of him.

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion – it’s when it boils over that it can become a huge problem. For example, he raised his voice during an argument with you. This is scary and totally disrespectful. Not being able to control anger is obviously a sign of someone not being as emotionally well-adjusted as you thought.

4. He gets thrown off by stress.

We all go through difficult times and many of us struggle to deal with stress, but we manage. Unfortunately, your boyfriend totally loses it when he gets stressed out. He freaks out, worrying about every little thing that could go wrong and it just totally makes him lose his cool. This is a sign that he doesn’t know how to cope ij stressful situations.

5. He harps on issues.

Rather than being able to process something and move on, the problem sticks with him. Even after you two worked it out, he’s still talking about it. It’s like he’s unable to move on, or he loves arguing. We imagine he goes to sleep at night thinking about all the issues and going over everything with a fine-toothed comb.

6. He doesn’t own up to his baggage.

This person has baggage galore. He doesn’t have a shortage of problems leftover from his ex-girlfriend. This stuff spills into your relationship. For example, he has a huge fear of abandonment, but instead of acknowledging and working on it, he blames you. He just isn’t able to take responsibility for what’s his, leaving you constantly being the one who’s wrong.

How many of these signs do you notice in your boyfriend? Do you think he’s unfit to continue dating? You don’t deserve a project – you deserve a great partner who treats you right and doesn’t bring more stress to your life.

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