New Jersey Singles Reviews Signs the Honeymoon Stage Is Over

You’ve been dating your new partner for long enough now that the relationship is no longer new. You’re no longer drunk with love and seeing stars, your days of staying in bed and having lots of fun between the sheets are few and far between. Now things are real – things are normal.

You’re now in the regular couple phase. You don’t feel like you have to impress them anymore because you feel like they belong to you.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale signs the honeymoon stage in your relationship is over.

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1. The games are over.

The early days of a relationship are often filled with lots of games. You know which one we’re talking about here. The cat and mouse game. Instead of being honest about how they’re feeling, many people keep their guards up and play hard to get. After all, nobody wants to seem to available to someone they’re still trying to impress. But once you’ve impressed them and you reach a certain point, you won’t care about appearing hard to get. You’ll know you can rely on each other, and you’ll know where your feelings lie.

2. You no longer care how you look all the time.

You’ll likely stop caring about a lot of things once you reach a certain point in your relationship, and one of them will be the way you dress.

By this time, you will have seen each other in some very compromising positions.

So there’s not as much pressure to keep up with your waxing habits and put on as much make-up as you used to when you first started dating. By this point, the relationship should be driven by care and love rather than looks and attraction.

3. The butterflies have flown away.

Some people claim that their partners still give them butterflies years after being together.  But research shows that all that stress and anxiety associated with dating someone new tends to dissipate once you really love and care for them on a deeper level. Your partner goes from being your idolized crush to being the person who will always be there for you no matter what, while also getting on your nerves. So there’s a lot of less pressure involved but also fewer reasons to be nervous around them and feel butterflies.

4. QT decreases.

A couple usually comes to spend more time together as they grow closer, but another side effect of the honeymoon stage coming to an end is that they become more relaxed around each other. Every couple is different, and some are so obsessed with each other in the early stages that they’ll basically live in each other’s pockets. When they leave the honeymoon stage, that will cool off considerably and seeing their partner will be natural, not forced.

There’s nothing wrong with graduating past the honeymoon stage in a relationship. In fact, it’s a great thing. It means you really love and care for each other no matter what’s going on in your lives. This is an awesome stage to reach in your love life.

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