New Jersey Singles Reviews Relationship Mistakes Women Make

When a woman meets a guy she likes, she’ll have a tendency of jumping into things. But ladies, it’s time to fix this problem. Women, in general, give their mind and soul to the new guy in their lives. They give away their uniqueness before the man hasn’t even made a commitment to the relationship.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the biggest mistakes women make in dating and relationships.

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1. Not Knowing Their Own Value

This might be one of those common issues in your own romantic life. Do you go after the bad boy who treats you poorly? Do you go after unavailable guys? Are you afraid to ask for what you deserve in a relationship? Do you put up with nonsense just so you are not single?

Unfortunately, you do not know your own value.

The truth is that there are only two fears in the human condition: one is that you’re “not enough,” and the second is that you won’t be loved.

You will never find happiness if you don’t know your own value. You will continue to fall in toxic relationships that lead nowhere.

2. Trying to Change the Guy

There’s nothing that turns a guy off more than a woman who’s trying to change him into something he’s not. Maybe it’s by criticizing the way he dresses, insulting his table manners, or ridiculing him in front of his friends.

Women have a bad habit of doing that because they tend to be caretakers by nature, but frankly, it usually doesn’t end well for both partners.

At best, unrequested suggestions are usually unwelcome. At worst, they’re insulting and emasculating. So keep those comments to yourself.

3. Not Putting Time in the Relationship

We get it. You’re working, you’re busy all the time, you don’t have 24 hours a day to put into some relationship that might not last. But it’s 100 percent not going to work if you don’t put time into it. That’s right, for the relationship to work you need to devote time and effort into it.

4. Ignoring Red Flags

So you’ve been in a relationship for a few months now. The sex is wonderful, you want to spend all your time with him, and you’re secretly planning the wedding in your head. Except there’s this one little problem that bothers you. But no big deal, right? Over time it’ll fix itself. It’s easy to see your partner through rose-tinted glasses during the early stages of the relationship, but it’s important to address those problems and listen to what your intuition is telling you. Talk about little things that could potentially destroy the relationship.

5. Falling into a Rut

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it’s easy to fall into the same old routine of comfort. There’s nothing wrong with having Taco Tuesdays and Pizza Sundays, but it’s important to find some variety to prevent both of you from getting bored in the relationship. It’s unreasonable to expect every day of the week to be a date night or to think that you will have the same level of passion you had during the early stages of the relationship, but you should do fun things to keep the spark alive. For your own self-development and growth of the relationship, it’s important to find little changes that will keep you and your partner both engaged and having a good time together.

If you want to keep your new relationship alive, make sure you don’t commit these five common relationship mistakes.

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