New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Survive the Holidays Alone

Sometimes the biggest source of the holiday blues can be your single status. You don’t need a partner by your side to feel loved and enjoy the holiday season. Here at New Jersey Singles, we know how challenging spending the holidays alone can be, which is why we’ve compiled some helpful tips and tricks that will lift your spirits and carry you through the romantic holiday season without a negative mindset.

The holidays are here, so you might as well embrace them! So get ready to get cheery as New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate holiday survival tips for singles in New Jersey.

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1. Keep Your Holiday Calendar Packed

This might not be the best tip for you if you find pleasure from spending quiet evenings alone, but if you like socializing, then you need to keep your holiday calendar fully booked. By attending parties with friends and coworkers, you’ll stay busy and won’t be thinking about your single status. Being around others will make you happy and help lift your spirits.

2. Stay Busy

Don’t bury yourself in work because that’s not healthy either. But since you don’t have to fit into your partner’s schedule—or mold them into yours—you can do whatever you want. The holiday season gives you the perfect opportunity to work late if you want. Who doesn’t love picking up extra hours and being rewarded with extra money, especially during the expensive holidays? Plus, keeping busy and productive will take your mind off your single status.

3. Be Social

The best part about being single over the holidays is that you have the freedom to decide who you spend it with. You don’t have to meet your partner’s parents for the first time, nor do you have to spend it with in-laws who get under your skin, which means no tension and heated arguments with your partner. Take advantage of the fact that you’re single and accept holiday invitations from friends and family. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone at one of those parties. And if not, you’ll still have a jolly good time.

4. Embrace Your Single Status

Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid the conversation of your single status. There will always be a nosy aunt or uncle who asks that much dreaded question, “Why are you still single?” It’s going to come up at some of your holiday parties, so instead of dodging it, be ready and embrace your single life. Talk about what you’ve been up to lately and highlight all the positive things you’ve been doing with your time. This will send the message to your friends and family that you’re doing just fine and are happy with your single status. You have to learn how to handle this dreaded question with poise and grace.

5. Treat Yourself

If you don’t want to go on a date with someone, then take care of yourself instead. Instead of waiting for a partner to take you out to a nice restaurant or buy you gifts, why not do it yourself? Who said you can’t send yourself a bouquet of flowers at work? And who is stopping you from buying a delicious box of chocolates? Better yet, who said you can’t get yourself those snazzy shoes or that stylish handbag? A little bit of self-love will lift your spirits.

6. Enjoy the Holidays with Your Loved Ones

Being single during the holidays mean you have more time to spend with your family and closest friends. Rather than feeling like something is missing in your life, try focusing on the people who are in your life right now.

At the end of the day, do your best to remain positive. As long as you follow our expert tips, we know you’re going to survive the holiday season alone.

Negativity is a horrible thing that can send you into a downward spiral if you let it. If you tell yourself that the holiday season is going to be a disaster, then it probably will be. Instead, tell yourself that you can do this and that you will soon find love—even if you don’t have it this year.

If you’re single and want to meet relationship-minded singles this holiday season, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmaking team today and let us help you find that special someone. We do the hard part of dating for you while you go about your busy life. We’ll get to know you on a personal level and help you assess everything you’re looking for in a partner, then we’ll introduce you to quality singles who fit that criteria. We make dating easy and enjoyable! Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your FREE matchmaking consultation today!


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