New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Make Him Fall for You

This is what every woman aims to do when dating a new man. It’s very difficult not knowing where you stand or how he feels about you. Putting forth your best effort and learning how to make him fall for you is not that difficult. You need to do whatever it takes to make him fall for you and have him forget about every other woman in his life. If there are other women in the running, then you must be better than them.

The Dating Game Is Very Competitive

If the new guy in your life is a catch, then you have to work even harder to keep him because catches are few and far in between. You already know that every other woman has her eyes on him, just like you do. So you need to step up and do what it takes to make him fall for you and only you. Obviously, you want to stand out from the competition so he commits to you. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how to make him yours and only yours.

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1. Keep Things Interesting

As we already know, some guys don’t have a large attention span, so you need to keep him interested any way you can. Make him guess about what you’ll do next. Never be predictable. The more you keep him on his toes, the more he’ll crave being around you. When he’s not sure what you’ll say or do next, he’ll be more interested in you, which will take us to our next point.

2. Be Mysterious

If you want to make him fall for you and only you, then you need to be a little mysterious. You don’t have to tell him everything about yourself on the first or second date. You need to play a little coy. Give him some information but hold back on the details. The more he has to dig, the more interested he’ll be into you.

3. Flirt with Him

Don’t go overboard with the flirting as it can backfire on you. You want to flirt in a classy and sophisticated way that shows him you’re into him but not easy. Flip your hair a little, give him light touches when you’re around him, and stare into his eyes when you’re talking.

4. Listen to Him

If you really want to get a guy to open up to you and want to be around you, then you need to stop stealing the show all the time. Instead of yapping on and on about your friends, your workplace drama, and the latest celebrity gossip, give him a chance to talk. Show him that you’re girlfriend material by creating a warm and comfortable environment when he’s around you. Show him that he’s safe with you by listening and engaging him in conversation that is meaningful.

5. Let Your Confidence Shine

You’ve heard it a million times before, but we’ll say it again: confidence is key! If you want him to fall for you, then you need to show him that you’re confident and secure in yourself. Show him that you’re an independent woman who has a lot going on in her life – show him that you’re not one of those needy women who’s going to clingy and suffocating in a relationship. It really is that simple – be confident that you’re worthy of being loved and he’ll find it easier to love you.

You see, it’s not so hard to get a guy to fall for you. Use these five simple tips from our New Jersey matchmakers and make him fall for you in no time!

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