New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Get Over Being Dumped

Saying that a breakup is painful is the understatement of the year. Aside from the overwhelming amount of pain, there’s the confusion from all the unanswered questions in your head.  So, learning how to get over being dumped is critical.

You develop a sense of hopelessness because this relationship once made you very happy. You looked forward to spending your future together. Now that future will never be there again.

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How to Get Over a Breakup

Breakups are a drag, especially if you got the short end of the stick by getting dumped by them. But like any other setback in life, this phase will only last a certain amount of time. The quicker you realize that the only way to get over a breakup is to deal with it, the faster you’re going to heal and get back on your feet.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how to over being dumped.

1. Feel your feelings.

Just like people grieve when they lose a loved one, a person who is dumped needs to feel and own those negative feelings and emotions. The breakup is fresh. There’s no shame in feeling your feelings.

Ignore those who tell you “It’s going to be ok” or “Don’t feel bad.” It’s ok and normal to feel the way you do. As popular wisdom puts it, you need to assess the damage done before you can start building your life again.

2. Release negative emotions.

It may sound cliché, but do whatever people with broken hearts do. They stay home and cry. They sleep almost all day. They watch romantic movies and drink a bottle of wine. They eat a pint of ice-cream. Do all those things.

Anything that allows you to get your tears out, do it. This way, you let go of those unpleasant emotions and start the healing process.

3. Cease communication with your ex.

The next crucial step for getting back on your feet is to cut all contact with your ex. Stay far away from the source of your pain, especially if the breakup is fresh.

Do you still have lingering feelings? You won’t be able to discuss anything in a rational way if you see your ex, so delete them right away. Block them and forget they exist.

4. No sex with your ex.

Sex with your ex is by far the worst thing you can possibly do after getting dumped by them. Being in such a vulnerable state confuses your feelings and emotions. It makes you jump into impulsive decisions that you will regret down the road. So even if the temptation is there, follow our advice on this one.

5. Don’t rush the process.

Moving on has no deadline. The time it takes can vary from person to person. It can take you a few weeks or even up to a year to get over your breakup, so don’t be in a rush to forget – rather let time heal your heart. Moving on at your own pace helps you sort out your thoughts and feelings better, so no rush please.

6. Let go of resentment.

If you truly want to get over your heartache and move on with your life, you need to start by accepting that the relationship had some good memories too. After rejection, people are naturally prone to only see the bad in the relationship. However, carrying such emotional baggage is unhealthy and prevents you from moving on with your life. Look at the good and bad and learn from it all so your romantic future is brighter.

Healing from a breakup takes time, and it may take lots of it. The key is to keep moving forward with your life.

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