New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Get Him to Make the First Move

So why hasn’t he made the first move yet? Well, maybe he isn’t interested in dating you. Yes, unfortunately, that’s always a possibility.  But if you know he is interested in you, there are plenty of ways you can subtly, or more obviously, encourage him to make the first move.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews their matchmakers’ favorite tips to help a guy make the first move.

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1. Flirt with Him

This is the obvious one, but it still had to be listed. Flirting is the first step in showing a guy that you’re interested in him. From there, hopefully, he gets the hint and makes the first move.

2. Touch Him

We don’t mean grope him, we mean brush against his arm, lightly shove him when you’re joking, or even place your hand on his. Even touches as small and simple as these can give the signal for him to make the first move.

3. Slip It in Conversation

Next time you’re chatting with the guy you like, let it slip that you like when a guy makes the first move. Maybe you’re talking about feminism and say you’re independent and driven but that you still appreciate some romantic traditions, like the guy making the first move.

4. Give Him the Look

We are sure you know what look we’re talking about here. Make eye contact and hold it, then smile, look away and look back quickly. It should look natural. So if you aren’t familiar with this, test it out in the mirror first because you don’t want to do it incorrectly and look silly.

5. Get Close to Him

You know how you have to stand close to someone in a loud and crowded bar in order to hear them? Well, do that even if you’re not in a bar. Allowing your bodies to touch, even just your arms can ignite chemistry. Do this as much as you can without coming on too strong.

6. Face Him

Body language is the key to subtly making someone aware of your feelings. So if you are chatting with him, face him with your entire body. If you are standing, point your feet towards him. Even if you are sitting beside one another, cross your legs towards him.

These are very subtle gestures that more subconsciously effective than you think. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and put these effective tips to use today to get your crush to finally make the first move.

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