New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Be Less Clingy

When we have a crush on someone, we tend to always magically be around them. But it’s time to find a healthy balance between showing them your affection and having your own personal space. If you learn how to be less clingy in your relationship, there’s no way they won’t be more into you. So, it’s time you learn how to be less clingy!

After all, there’s still a way to hang out with them without being clingy. Remember, you want to give them space to breathe and think about you without you always being around them. You see where we are going with this? Let’s just say that the nickname “stage 5 clinger” doesn’t really fit you.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how to be less clingy in your relationship.

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1. It’s all you.

We know you want us to tell you it’s because they act like this. The thing is, clingy behavior is because of you, not them. Sure, they may act distant, but you react in this way. Instead of communicating with them or looking within, you grab onto them because you’re scared of losing them.

2. Admit that you’re clingy in the relationship.

Maybe someone told you that you’re clingy, so that’s why you’re here today. But, if you don’t believe you’re clingy, none of these tips will help you become less clingy. Before you make any changes, fully accept that you exhibit clingy behavior. This is the only way to make permanent changes.

3. Become self-confident.

There’s a reason why you act a certain way. You’re scared of losing your partner. Why would be scared of losing them? Your insecurities and fears take over you, thus you behave in a clingy way. Work on your self-confidence instead. Do things that make you feel great, make sure you do these outside of your relationship.

4. You have to work on your issues.

You’re clingy because you fear losing this person, but you also don’t trust them or the relationship. You need to fully trust them. If not, you will never be able to fully give them the space they need.

This means working through your issues and getting to the root of the problem. Talk about it with them, with a therapist, and with yourself.

5. Space can help your relationship.

People get caught up in the idea that they need to be with someone all day long in order to show them that they care. This isn’t how a relationship works. Too much closeness puts a strain on the relationship. You probably see it in your relationship already. They may push you away because they feel trapped by you. Give your partner space, it makes your relationship stronger.

6. Talk to your partner.

Talk to your partner honestly and openly. Find out which behavior your partner has problems handling and what their boundaries are. They may be too scared to tell you that they need some time alone or that they wat to spend it with their friends. If you want a trustworthy relationship, start talking to your partner about the issues and come up with a solution to the problems.

Now that you know how to be less clingy, it’s time to put these tips to good use to solidify your relationship.

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