New Jersey Singles Reviews First Date Tips for Men

Got a date coming up? Yay for you! A great date comes down to good preparation. Then read on and discover our matchmakers’ first date tips for men and get ready for an amazing date.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the top things men should do before going on a date.

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1. Have a plan ready.

Take it from us the experts at love; there is nothing worse than calling a woman and asking what she wants to do! Put simply, call her with plans, suggestions and recommendations. Extra points will automatically be gained for being prepared.

2. Confirm the details of the date.

Send her a text message a couple of hours before the date. Mention how much you are looking forward to seeing her tonight and confirm the details. Don’t be creepy and over the top with the text message. Keep things simple.

3. Get sweaty.

If the timing of the date gives you the opportunity, a good solid run is an amazing pick-me-upper. A good run will get the heart racing and your blood pumping, which will give you a healthy glow for the date.

4. Dress to impress.

Prepare what you’re going to wear. It’s great to have several options. Set out a couple of dress shirts and pants before you shower and do so well before the date. This allows for you to try different outfits to ensure the right combination without rushing around beforehand.

5. Polish your shoes.

Women will nearly always check out your shoes. So be sure that your shoes are clean and shiny.

6. Finishing details.

The most critical – the finer finishing details that are going to guarantee that you stand out to the luck lady. For some men, hair is the masterpiece. Make sure you save time to get this perfect. Nothing worse than having a bad hair day for a date. Also, be sure to check that your breath doesn’t smell.

7. Bring good conversation topics.

Have you got a few conversation topics ready? Be sure to bring a few along to help you keep the conversation flowing. Be ready to ask questions as much as you listen to your date. There is simply nothing worse than being with someone that has nothing to say. Be ready with a few good stories that are engaging and air on the funny side.

Got that? See how easy it is to have a successful first date? All it takes is a little planning and prep on your part to ensure a phenomenal date with this fabulous new woman.

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