New Jersey Singles Reviews 7 Signs the Date Is Going Well

You’re finally on your first date with someone you’ve been dying to go out with.  Between nerves and awkward moments, it can be impossible to tell how the date is going.  Are you talking too much? Is your date in a rush to leave? Most importantly, will there be a second date? Keep an eye out for some of these signs.  If these things are happening during your first date, there is an excellent chance you will have a second date.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the top signs the date is going well.

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1. The Date Keeps on Going

If a date ends rather quickly and no one says anything about seeing each other again, it is a good sign that the date wasn’t so great.  Likewise, first dates that leave both of you lingering around and making excuses to stay a little longer are a good sign.  When your date is not looking at their watch or for the nearest escape route, your date is going great.

2. They Focus on You

Some dates will make excuses to look at their phone or check text messages.  If your date focused their attention on you, your first date is going well.  In addition, they avoid topics like the ex or past relationship.  If your date is talking about their past relationships, they are either comparing you unfavorably or they are still hanging onto the past.

3. They Make Excuses to Touch You

Your date may graze your hand or touch your shoulder during the first date.  Everyone knows that this is a huge sign of interest.  They want to be very close to you and their body language is showing it.

4. Your Date Remember Things About You

Whether you met through a friend or family member, your date remembers certain details you exchanged over the phone.  They may ask about a class you were talking about over the phone.  If they are going out of their way to remember little details and information about you, it is a good sign they care.

5. Sex Isn’t Discuss

Anyone who brings up sex on the first date isn’t someone you want to go out with again. The right person will be willing to wait until the relationship is exclusive to talk about sex.  If your love interest wants sex on the first date, they are not looking for love.  Take it as a sign that their interest is only short-term, or they are only looking for a booty call.

6. They Are Sitting Towards You

A date who likes you will lean forward while you are speaking, and show interest in everything you have to say.  If they are leaning away from you and aren’t making eye contact, it is a sign they are not interested in you at all.  Their body language will speak without them speaking. Pay attention.

7. You Made Plans

First dates are not the time to talk about getting married or moving in together, but a good first date will result in making plans to see each other again. You may mention a hike that you wanted to go on and your date will offer to take you.  They may also mention a farmers market nearby in hopes that you want to go with them.  If your love interest is already making plans to see each other again, your first date was a success.

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