New Jersey Singles Reviews 6 Signs He’s About to Dump You

It can be a very bad feeling when you know that the person you love most in the world doesn’t feel the same way for you. You never want to be stuck in a relationship with someone who doesn’t really make you feel happy and safe. You don’t want to be kept in the dark when it comes to how your partner feels about you.

Of course, in any relationship, there will be times when one partner will just be feeling a little irritable. There will be moments where someone is just having a bad time or going to something difficult in life. But if these moods or signs of irritability are happening all the time, it could mean that your partner is actually thinking about dumping you.

Are you worried your guy is facing more than bouts of irritability? Is it more than stressful times at work or life? Is he about to dump you?

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the signs your boyfriend is about to end the relationship.

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1. They avoid spending time with you.

They don’t really like to spend time with you anymore. They start to prioritize other things in life. They start to spend more time with friends or doing other things – anything other than spending quality time with you. That means that they aren’t prioritizing the relationship anymore. They don’t consider the relationship as important as they used to.

2. They don’t really talk to you about the future.

They don’t really make you feel like your relationship is going anywhere. In their own mind, the end is near, and that’s why they’re not really talking about the future anymore. They know that any day now they are just going to walk away. They don’t want to leave you clinging to hope from talk about the future, so they cut it off altogether.

3. They become emotionally unavailable.

They no longer make you feel safe or encourage an environment for you to share your feelings with them. They don’t give you a safe space to express yourself. They don’t make you feel welcome to say what is in in your heart because they don’t express an interest in hearing anything you have to say.

4. They get angry over little things.

They have become very irritable lately. They are always getting angry with you over the simplest things. They get really frustrated whenever they are with you because they might have a lot of hatred and contempt in their heart for you. If it’s already reached this point, beware, the relationship is coming to an end very soon.

5. They don’t want to fix problems.

They no longer show any signs of wanting to fix the problems in the relationship. They no longer show an interest to stay invested in you and your partnership. They walk away from arguments instead of trying to fix them. You never seem to resolve anything because they don’t care to.

6. They don’t feel as close to you anymore.

They don’t really seem to be close to you anymore. They always seem distant and closed off to you. They don’t really try to connect with you anymore. And so even though the two of you might be together at home, you feel like you’re alone. They do their thing, and you do yours.

How many of these six signs do you see with your boyfriend? Is your relationship unraveling? Is he about to split and go his own way?

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