New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Signs You’re a Clingy Texter

If you’re already asking yourself if you’re texting her too much, then you probably are. If you want to have a successful dating life, then you might want to get your finger off your phone and give her some breathing space.

The golden rule of texting is to never text a woman twice if she hasn’t answered your first text. You need to wait for her to answer you before you text her again. We know, it sounds pretty basic, right? Unfortunately, many men don’t understand and overdo it.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews five warning signs you’re texting too much and scaring women away. If you’re doing any of the following things, you’re definitely overdoing it with the texts and unknowingly hurting your dating life.

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1. She’s stopped responding to your texts.

Okay, this might sound like it’s written in neon lights with a big old obvious, but you might not realize it. If you’re already asking yourself if you’re texting too much, then you know the answer. If the new woman in your life isn’t answering a single one of your texts, then you’re definitely texting too much. You need to stop messaging her and give her time to respond to your texts. Bombarding a woman with nonstop texts is immediately going to drive her away. You want to show your interest, yes, but you never want to come off as desperate.

2. She’s giving you one word answers.

You sent her four texts back to back, all of which were very long. But all you got in response were one word answers. If this is happening in your dating life, then you’re definitely texting too much at once. One word answers in response to long texts mean one of two things: she’s either busy doing something or she’s trying to show you that you’re texting too much. Either way, back off and give her some time.

3. She tells you she’ll call you later but never does.

Your phone finally lit up, but it’s not what you expected. She didn’t address any of your questions and didn’t keep the conversation going whatsoever. Or maybe she simply responded to your texts with a message saying, “Can I call you later?” yet you never got that call. If this is happening all the time, she’s trying to brush you off and tell you that you’re sending too many messages. Those types of automated messages are meant to say, “Please back off, you’re texting me too much.” You need to take the hint and back away.

4. You wrote her a novel yet all she wrote was “Yep.”

Don’t ever send your life story in a text message. Text messages are supposed to be short and sweet, fun and quick. If you want to tell her a funny story, wait until you’re with her on a date or talking to her on the phone. Keep texts short because no one wants to read a novel on a text.

5. She waits several days to reply.

If she waits several days to respond to your texts, then you’re definitely texting too much. Regardless if she was busy, she would’ve answered you the same day. But because you’re texting too much, you’re coming off as clingy. And what do we know about women? They do not like clingy men.

If you think your answer is yes to “Am I texting too much?” then it’s time you stop blowing up her cell phone. Really, it’s not going to help you win her over. When it comes to texting, always let her lead the texting thing. Women don’t want to be suffocated with text messages. When you get to know her better, you can send her more text messages. But right now you’re trying to impress her and you’re not going to do that if you’re coming off as clingy and desperate.

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