New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Signs He’s Flirting with You

Flirting is a pretty enigmatic game we play with people we’re into. It can be pretty obvious but also a little confusing. Friendship is often easily mistaken for flirting, as some people aren’t so great at reading signals. This is why it’s time to learn how to tell if a guy is flirting with you and is interested in more than a friendship.

But after a fair bit of practice, flirting can be easy to spot if you know what signs you need to be on the lookout for. So many people spend ages trying to desperately figure out if their crush likes them or they’re just imagining it. But believe us, there are certain things he will do if he has feelings for you too.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews telltale signs he’s flirting you in a romantic way.


1. His eyes don’t lie.

Every time you turn away and look back at him, he’s staring at you. His eyes seemingly flow around, as if you enchanted him. Plus, whenever you walk into a room, you notice that his eyes instantly light up when he sees you.

2. He makes excuses to touch you.

When he gets really touchy feely with you, it’s a sign he wants to get close to you. This need to touch you, even if it’s just a gentle pat on the back or brushing something out of your hair, shows he can’t get enough of you.

3. He looks at your lips.

One of the subtler ways a guy flirts is looking at a woman’s lips. Watch where his eyes go when you’re talking to him. If he looks at your lips, it shows that he is attracted to you. His body language suggests he thinks of kissing you.

4. He follows you around.

He always seems to show up at events you said you were going to go, or he always wants to talk to you at parties. He ends up being anywhere that he knows you will be. Better yet, he spends most of his time talking to you. This means he makes an effort to be around you and spends some time flirting with you.

5. He talks about you to his friends.

You hear from other people – or mutual friends – that he’s been talking about you, or that he mentions you all the time. Sometimes it’s silly things like conversations you had, and other times it’s detailed things like how your eyes crease when you laugh at his jokes. Talking about you means he can’t get you off his mind.

So, how many of these signs do you notice about your crush? Is he into you too?

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