New Jersey Singles Reviews 4 Red Flags of an Insecure Man

He might not be the type of guy you would ever imagine yourself being into, but sometimes, you just can’t help but to fall in love. You can’t control who you end up liking, after all. This is especially true if you’ve been traumatized by so many players and jerks in the dating scene. You are so tired of not getting any attention in your dating life, and so you consider it a breath of fresh air to be with someone who is giving you all of the attention you could ever want. You might think that you’ve actually found the perfect guy- someone who makes you the center of his world.

You have been so scared after being hurt by so many players in the past, and so you’re deciding to give this guy a chance. You think that just because he’s different, that it automatically means he will be better for you in the end. You might assume that you’ve automatically upgraded to a much better situation just because you’re dating someone who isn’t selfish. And while it’s true to a certain extent that you are indeed in a better situation, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in a good situation.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the top red flags of an insecure man.

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1. They don’t have a life outside of the relationship.

He puts a lot of pressure on the relationship by making it his entire life. He doesn’t really have anything else going on, and his sense of self-worth is tied to the two of you being together.

2. They keep asking you if you’re over your past relationship.

He’s going to keep asking you about your past relationships and if you’re over them. He will keep question the realness of your feelings for him because of his lack of belief in what you tell him. He just can’t seem to bring himself to trust you, and that’s why he keeps bugging you about your past relationships.

3. They say “I love you” fast.

He’s going to be overeager. Yes, you want someone to tell you that they love you. But you always want it to be said in the right place and at the right time and stage in your relationship. If he’s telling you that he loves during the first few days of dating, it’s just his way of trying to lock you down. He’s pressuring you into saying the same thing to him.

4. They always look for validation.

He is always going to be fishing for compliments from you. He’s always going to be needy when it comes to adoration and validation Yes, he will give you a lot of compliments, but he’s also looking to get some for himself. This guy is very insecure and needs reassurance from you.

You might think it’s wonderful to have a guy who keeps professing his love for you and makes you the center of his universe, but this is not healthy behavior for a relationship. You need to find a partner who is secure in himself and has a life of his own, a life outside of the relationship. If not, this guy is going to suffocate you or start controlling you down the road. Do yourself a favor and kick him to the curb now.

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