New Jersey Singles Complaints and Reviews |Why Women Date Men They Shouldn’t

We’ve all seen it, or even experienced it, and today, New Jersey matchmakers review the real reasons women fall the wrong men.

Why do women go so crazy for emotionally unavailable men? Why do they melt for them? Today, New Jersey professional matchmakers will review the underlying reasons women fall for men they shouldn’t.

One of the weirdest things that happens with dating is when women fall for men who don’t show them any attention. At first, the relationship might seem to be perfect. She meets someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to be in a relationship or fall in love, so she gives him all the attention and everything seems to be going great, but is it really? Is she too caught up already?


The Appeal of the Bad Boy

Many women have fallen in love with the bad boy type of guy, in Hollywood and the real world too. You might already be familiar with this type of person, you know, the guys who don’t want to be in a serious relationship or don’t believe in just dating one person.

On paper, these guys have been in many relationships and have caused many headaches. These are the men who don’t mind cheating, men who don’t believe in emotions, and you guessed it, men with excessive baggage. Sadly, a lot of women have found themselves caught in their traps because these men are, well, quite alluring.

But what is so alluring about this type of man that drives women crazy? For starters, TV shows and movies idolize this type of man, which is why many women melt for them.

There are certain traits and qualities in this type of male that are very appealing to women. One of the most important ones, confidence. Women are highly attracted to men who display confidence, men who walk in the room and own it, men who are always holding their head up high. This type of man has no insecurities, he is the alpha male.
Intelligence always attracts women to this type of man. Women are attracted to men who can hold a conversation (and with charm). It’s like foreplay for women. Women are also attracted to men who are leaders, the ones who can lead a group without any problems.

Why Do Women Fall for This Type of Men Over & Over Again?

Why do women continually fall for jerks who ultimately end up breaking their hearts? Today, New Jersey professional matchmakers will teach you the reasons why women fall in love with the bad boys.

1. It’s All about the Woman’s Self-Esteem

You need to remember that not all men are jerks; in fact, some of them have faced rejection in the past themselves. And this is why some men act aloof in order to cover up things that happened to them. Still, there are many men who were just born jerks, men who reek of bad attitude. Often times, the women who find this type of man to be alluring are the ones who have low self-esteem, the ones who believe they cannot do any better or that they will never find someone else. Low self-esteem can cause women to make bad choices when it comes to choosing a partner, ultimately leaving them with a broken heart and even lower self-esteem in the end.

2. Women Like the Chase

While it’s true that males like to do the chasing, our matchmakers know women also like the chase. Though not everyone is the same, most people experience a rush when they pursue what they want. In this case of the infamous bad boy, going after a man who is not available. Now, these women aren’t stupid as society thinks they are; actually, these women want to get their hands on this type of man to get validation.

Think back to your high school days when you had a crush on the football player. Come on, you remember how you fawned over handsome Johnnie, right? What was it that made you so attracted to him? It was the thrill of the chase, the thrill of you not being able to readily have him. After all, getting something you thought you can never have will have a huge impact on you.

3. Women Think They Can Change Men

When a woman starts dating someone who is a jerk, and she is a kindhearted woman, she starts to believe she will be the one who can change him.

He’s a cheater, no problem. I will change him to be the most faithful man on the planet. He’s an alcoholic, no problem. I will turn him sober in no time. He’s lazy, no problem. I will inspire him to be more active and goal-oriented. Many women who find themselves entering relationships with this type of man believe they will be the ones to change them. Sadly, to their surprise, they will come to realize that nothing can change him, not unless he is the one who wants to do it.

4. Women Go for Men Who Resemble Men They Dated in the Past

A lot of women who fall for unavailable men have dated a string of unavailable men in the past. Often times, this will have a lot to do with rejection issues they experienced when they were kids. It very likely will have been some form of attention they did not receive from one of their parents. These women faced rejection as they grew up and they’re seeking it now.

Getting into a relationship with a man who is unavailable is a way of proving themselves, a way of proving they are worthy of love.

5. Women Want What They Can’t Have

This goes back to that high school jock or the college star. Remember the time you were in high school and your parents told you that you could not go to the popular kid’s party? The more your parents told you that you couldn’t go, the more you wanted to go, right? So you decided to sneak out of your house and go anyways. Well, that is exactly the same thing that happens in the mind of a woman dating an unavailable man.

The challenge of getting something unobtainable will have a huge impact on a woman. The emotionally unavailable man has now become a challenge that she needs to conquer in order to feel validated.

When you think about it, you might feel tempted to try dating a man like this, but our professional matchmakers want you to know if you go after unavailable men, you’re going to be bringing trouble in your life. After all, wouldn’t it be so much better to date a real life gentleman instead one who goes from relationship to relationship or one who doesn’t know how to share his emotions openly? If you’re serious about finding a true gentleman, contact our New Jersey professional matchmakers today and stop getting your heart broken by the bad boy type.


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