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Trying to find out if your relationship is going to go to the next level? Today, our New Jersey matchmakers will put an end to those dating complaints in your mind as we let you know whether or not it’s time to talk about being committed.

The concept of dating continues to evolve every day. There was once a time when if you went out together and liked one another you were a couple. Ahh, if only times were easy like back then.

Nowadays, men and women like to keep their options open. Everyone wants to find someone who is completely perfect for them. On the other hand, there are other people who are not as idealistic as them. When they get to the point where their ideal partner doesn’t arrive at the local bar, they settle for the next best thing, the next person who wants to date them. What happens if you get stuck dating someone who isn’t making you happy?


Why Do People Feel the Need to Have a Talk?

The relationship talk is something very important; after all, it does decide whether or not a committee relationship will take place. It entails a three part session that covers all the concerns involved. It doesn’t mean you’re discussing your future together; it just means you’re discussing your needs, fears, and expectations of the relationship. The three sessions are as follows.

1. You Need to Determine If the Two of You Are Exclusive

There are many open relationships nowadays, and you need to figure out if you are involved in one or if you are exclusive with each other.

2. You Need to Put a Label on What You Have

Many people in the dating world are very uncomfortable with labels, while others don’t mind confirming that they are in a relationship right away. But both of these cases require conversation.

3. You Need to Figure Out If There Is a Future Together

A lot of people are very up front about their needs in a relationship. You need to learn about this in the beginning or you risk getting yourself hurt down the road.

Why Do People Need to Have This Talk?

This is where things get tricky. After you go out on a date with someone you’ll start thinking about all the possibilities with this person. You’re only allowed to think. You’re not allowed to ask them. This is what scares people away. So when is it the right time to ask someone if there is something going on?

1. When You’ve Been Out on Several Dates

Yes, some people will establish that they are in a relationship very early on. Some people just have immediate chemistry. But when there isn’t any right away, you just have to wait it out and see how things progress. There isn’t a specific number of dates you need to go out on with a person here. You just need to wait for that feeling that lets you know you both have something going on, something that tells you they could be a great partner.

2. When You’ve Met Their Family & Friends

This doesn’t mean that very awkward encounter of running into Uncle Mike at the grocery store. You have to have been invited to a friend’s get together or a family gathering. By inviting you to meet their close friends and family member, this person is saying they’re ready to see you exclusively.

3. When Someone Else Asks You on a Date

Because you and this new person have not had the relationship talk, you both feel free to date other people. Don’t assume that just because you went out on a few dates that you are dating exclusively. People get hurt because of this, especially when they start making assumptions they’re in a relationship without confirming it.

4. When You Have Slept Together

Hookups and one night stands don’t count here, so don’t start questioning if the person you went home from the bar with is your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you took time dating someone and getting to know them, and you decided it was the right time to sleep with them, you are going to have to have a talk with them about the relationship. Sex is a very important aspect of a relationship and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

5. When Someone Gets Pregnant

This is one of the most important reasons to have a serious talk with someone. People have different ideas about getting pregnant, so you are going to have to talk to them about it. Some cultures require you to get married right away, while many will opt for having a talk about the future together. This includes deciding whether or not the two of you care enough about each other to continue being together.

6. When You Start Having Feelings

Everyone will start to care more about the person they’re dating after seeing them for so long, but you need to learn the difference between human compassion and true love. When you start feeling that little fuzzy feeling inside you of you, now you can think about moving into relationship territory.

7. When You Reveal All Your Skeletons

There are many secrets that can make or break a relationship. Before you met that special someone, it’s understandable that you might have gone through several things in life. It is up to you to decide what you want to bring to the table. This could be an overcome drug problem, a traumatic life experience, a marriage when you were back in your college days, or children in another relationship.

8. When You Are Practically Living Together

You haven’t had the relationship talk yet, but you are glued together at the hip and practically living together, so now what? Well, now it’s time to voice your concerns. Just because the two of you are “practically together” doesn’t mean your partner sees it that way or is ready to be committed. You need to talk to them about it.

Today, people can’t just assume anymore, because when they do, bad things happen. This is why our professional matchmakers encourage you and others to have a relationship talk to figure out where you and this person stand. There is no point going on with someone who doesn’t see a future with you, wouldn’t you agree?

Here at New Jersey Singles, our professional matchmakers make matches based on compatibility, lifestyles, relationship expectations and goals, leaving no room for questions, concerns, or doubts about where things are heading. All of our clients are successful singles who are serious about falling in love and settling down. If you’re ready to meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right, contact our matchmakers today!


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