NJ Singles Complaints on Bad Men to Date

Men aren’t always what they appear to be. Today, New Jersey Singles, Colts Neck’s premier dating agency, will review the top complaints from single women when it comes trouble men in the dating world.

When a woman is looking for a serious and long lasting relationship, she must find a man who is like-minded and ready for a meaningful relationship, not someone who doesn’t fit the bill. In the NJ dating pool, women will surely encounter a few bad men, men that must be avoided at all costs. Today, our NJ matchmakers will review a few men to stay from if you’re looking for a happy and healthy relationship.


The Player

No women, at least no sane woman, would ever want to be in a relationship with a player, but for some reason unknown, women seem to be attracted to them. New flash, ladies, a player will never be a good candidate for a serious relationship. As the name already tells you, the only thing he’s interested in is wasting your time. Don’t be fooled by his charm, because a player will only keep you around until he’s found someone better. Players are only after the side dish, never more than that.

A Man without a Job

A man without a job is not the right man to be in a relationship with; after all, a man who does not have a job and is not interested in looking for one clearly lacks ambition. Unless he has a really good excuse, for example, the company he worked for closed down or he has been laid off, he should constantly be looking for a new job. Otherwise, you want to stay as far away as possible from this man. Being unemployed isn’t a sexy quality and he might be trying to reel you in so you can take care of paying his bills for him.

An Insecure Man

Everyone has insecurities and we work hard in order to eliminate them from our lives, correct? Our matchmakers want to forewarn you that dating a man who suffers from a lot of insecurities can be extremely consuming and exhausting for you. You have to deal with a lot of jealousy issues, insecurity problems, trust issues, and everything in between. A relationship with an insecure man will definitely leave you feeling drained.

A Basement Dwelling Man

There are a number of situations out there that will require a man to move back to his parent’s house, and there are good legitimate reasons as long as it’s temporary; however, if you come across a man who is proud to live in his parent’s basement, doesn’t pay rent, and clearly has no motivation of moving out, then you need to move on. There is nothing attractive about a proud basement dweller. Steer clear from this man at all costs.

The Man Who Thinks He’s a King

This man is a king but doesn’t really have a crown. Have you ever come across a man like this? Well, this is the type of man who expects women to treat him like royalty; he wants you to prepare his meals for him, clean the house, and do his laundry, all while he sits on the couch drinking beer and watching football. A man with expectations like this is not going to treat you right in a relationship. You deserve to be treated like a queen, not the other way around.


A Man with Too Many Children

When a man is thirty and has four children to all different women, there should immediately be a red flag going off in your head. Men with different children to different women are not worth dating; after all, chances are, he is a player. Plus, there will also be a lot of baby mama drama in this situation, and everyone knows how awkward that can be. Avoid the man with several baby mamas; trust us, you will thank us later.

A Man with a Lot of Baggage

Most often, women are the ones who are portrayed to have a lot of baggage. But the truth is, in this modern world, men have it too. Beware of men who walk around with a lot of baggage, especially relationship baggage. If he still has lingering feelings for his ex or has other problems, don’t waste your time on him. Having outright baggage will only cause problems for you later on.

A Narcissistic Man

Our Colts Neck matchmakers never recommend dating a narcissist. There is nothing worse than dating a man who is completely self-centered and who could care less about anyone else. Though a narcissistic man might look great and dress well, he only cares about himself.

A Lazy Man

This type of man will have an on and off job and he will spend the majority of his time watching TV on his sofa. This man is the type that never cooks his own meals and never cleans up after himself. In other words, he never does anything on his own, and if he does, then he only does it half-assed. He would rather stay in than go out and have fun with you. This type of man takes lazy to the extreme. Does this type of man sound appealing? Probably not.


A Man Who Is after a One Night Stand

Many women out there already know about this type of man. This type of man is the one who is only after you for a one night stand. What good is this man if you’re looking for a serious relationship? He’s not worth anything; he is just looking to get into your bedroom and get out as quickly as possible. Be careful, ladies; if he’s having a one night stand with you, he’s likely having it with many other ladies too.

The Extremely Frugal Man

There is nothing wrong with a man who is looking out for his money and wants to save whenever he can; however, there is a line that needs to be drawn. If a man only takes you out to a restaurant with a wallet full of coupons or does not let you order drinks because they’re too expensive, it’s time to reconsider. Being frugal is okay, but being extremely cheap is different. You may end up paying his way for the remainder of the relationship.

A Man Who Is Set in His Ways

This man is completely set in his ways. He will not try or do anything new or anything that strays from his usual plans. Dating a man who is set in his ways and refuses to do anything different will surely bore you to death. Dating this type of man will also make for a one-sided relationship, and our Colts Neck matchmakers know that’s not healthy and you won’t be happy.

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New Jersey Singles Complaints ⎜Why You Can’t Find Love

So you’re finally at the point in your life when you want to settle down and find Mr. Right. You’re done with summer flings and hookups and are ready to find a nice gentleman who you can settle down with. We are not psychics, but we can definitely tell that finding Mr. Right has proven to be harder than you thought it would be. Are you wondering why?

Today, the matchmaking professionals from New Jersey Singles Dating Service will review the reasons many women cannot find Mr. Right.


1. You Don’t Know What Type of Man He Is

So you’ve been going on a lot of dates this summer, you’ve talked to a lot of men, but you don’t have a clear idea of the type of man you want to settle down with. Before you can ever find the right man to settle down with, you need to know what type of man is right for you, in the looks department and personality too. Think about your previous relationships and figure out the things you want and don’t want from a man, then start your search.
2. Your Past Is Preventing You

You have been hurt in previous relationships and all your failed relationships have taken a toll on you, especially when it comes to men. While you might be going out on many dates this summer and meeting lots of new and interesting people, you cannot be your true self. Instead, you’re starting to put up walls around you, preventing any men from reaching you. New Jersey Singles encourages you to stop putting up walls in the dating world.

3. You Search in the Wrong Places

Every week you go on your shopping sprees, every week you go out to the bar with your friends, so instinctively you start looking for men in those places. While it might be impossible to find him at those places, the chances are very slim. When you are looking for men in all the wrong places, you are running the chances of meeting the wrong type of men. New Jersey Singles recommends getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things.

4. You Don’t Have Any Self-Esteem

No one knows why, but for some reason or another, your self-esteem has taken a huge blow. You can’t believe that any man out there will ever find you attractive or love you, and you’ve lowered your standards and date any man that comes around. Before you can ever find Mr. Right, you must truly love yourself. You need to understand that you are worthy of a man loving you, but you need to believe it yourself.

5. You’re Waiting for Him to Appear

Instead of putting yourself out there and giving it your all, you’re waiting for your Mr. Right to come to you. When you notice that a man has seen you out and is checking you out, instead of approaching him, you wait for him to make the first move. Because you’re always waiting for the man to make the move, sometimes that approach or that hello never happens. If you are serious about finding love, you need to become that type of woman that is a go-getter. Waiting around hoping he’ll come to you might not work out very well.

6. Your Schedule Is Too Busy for Dating

When you are not at the office, you’re doing work projects at home. To put it in simple terms, your life is very busy and finding time to look for a man is impossible. New Jersey Singles matchmakers know that unless you set time aside to effectively look for Mr. Right, you are never going to find him. Finding the right man requires you to put time into it, which means freeing up some time from your busy schedule.

7. You’re Very Picky

Every woman out there has expectations, but having expectations is one thing, while expecting perfection is another. When you are searching for Mr. Right, you can’t expect him to be flawless. If your expectations are too high, you are tremendously narrowing down your options in men, and in a world that is already so challenging, you might be shutting out Mr. Right without even realizing it.

8. You Are Afraid of Dating

Clearly, you have a problem with dating. You will never be able to find Mr. Right if you are not out there dating and meeting new men. If the thought of dating scares you, you need to get over that fear so you can eventually find the right man to settle down with. Being intimidated by dating also means you’re afraid of getting involved in something serious. Work through your doubts and fears and then, and only then, will you find Mr. Right.

9. You’re Hung Up on Your Ex-Boyfriend

Even though it has been months since the two of you broke up, you cannot get over him completely. You still think about him and have even recently sent him text messages. You think that no man will ever be able to compare to the man your ex is. The important thing to remember is that your ex is long gone, and dwelling on him and not allowing yourself to completely move on is going to prevent you from finding Mr. Right.


10. You’re Known for Settling

Instead of taking the time to find the right man to settle down with, you just settle for anyone that comes your way, and this usually happens when you are dying to be in a relationship and have someone by your side to call your own. If you settle, you will never have the chance of finding someone who is perfect for you.

11. You Never Put Up Your Best Side

Whenever you go out on a date with a man, you always put up a façade. Or, you become too shy, too talkative, or completely unsure about the whole thing. When you are out on a date, it’s always best to show your best side. It’s the side your date needs to see, and the only side he should ever know. After all, dating is about getting to know if someone and whether or not they’re compatible with you, so if you’re not putting your true self out there, no one will ever know.

If you’re in a dating rut and ready to take the next step and try something new, contact the matchmakers at New Jersey Singles to set up a consultation today. The matchmaking team will give you the guidance, support, and advice you need to find the love you deserve.